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Good news: in Paris the kids will definitely enjoy the food! Not keen on having breakfast at the hotel or worried about feeling starved at 4pm (traditional French ‘gouter’ time)? The boulangeries of Paris have a wide range of tasty snacks to satisfy your hunger at any time of the day. This is definitely a big part of Paris, so please open the doors of those shops and indulge yourselves in the crispiness and richness of French pastries.

1) The famous and well-known pains au chocolat and croissants. OK, you can find them around the world, but what would Paris be without its cafés, their waiters and their croissants?

2) A bit less common but just as delicious is the chausson aux pommes, or apple turnover. A puff pastry hiding some apple compote or even full baked apples… definitely worth trying!

3) Les chouquettes, delicious for breakfast and very easy for the little ones to eat in one bite. They are small choux buns covered with granulated sugar. You can buy them individually or by weight, but do not overestimate how many you buy, because once you get started on them you never really know when to stop…

4) The brioche is half way between bread and a standard pastry. Delicious with chocolate, but my favourite one is the brioche with pralines, also called ‘Saint Genix’, a specialty from Lyon. Either red or pink, pralines are a combination of caramelised sugar and almonds. They can be eaten as a sweetie or in pastries (tartes or brioches). Melted in brioche, they add moistness and richness to a traditional brioche and are the source of the best smell in the bakery.

5) Crêpes, originally from Brittany, they are loved by French kids and can either be sweet (filled with sugar and plenty of butter, jam and chocolate) or savoury (with ham, cheese, eggs and mushrooms). The main area in Paris for crêpes is around Montparnasse. We would advise you to drop by La Crêperie de Josselin and enjoy your crêpes with some cider, but you can find them more or less anywhere in Paris to take away (on Ile St Louis or near Opera for instance).

6) Ice creams can also be yummy during summer time. Berthillon must be mentioned here. Their ice creams and sorbets are amazing with so many wonderful flavours to try. My favourite from over 70 flavours? Praline and pine nuts. You cannot miss Berthillon if you go to Ile Saint-Louis: their ice creams are sold in their very own café but also in most of the cafés on the island. My advice would be to stop off for a few minutes in one of the ones at the far end of the island with views over Notre Dame. Magic!

Main image: The eiffel view from the
Plaza Athenee
Above: Delicious sweets from the
Gerard Mulot bakeries


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