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Harrods has become an even more magical retailer for five star children, officially opening their Cinderella-themed Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique on 25 November.

WORDS Madeline Hoskin

T hree to 12 year olds will have a once-upon-a-lifetime experience in the permanent new Disney hub on the retail giant’s 4th storey. The central London department store has designed the boutique’s interior to mirror those of a mystical castle, and it is here that the team of ‘Fairy Godmothers-in-Training’ will make all the wishes of young princesses and knights come true.

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique experience has five packages to choose from, ranging across five different price levels. For little gentlemen there is the ‘Knight’ deal for £50 which comes complete with sword, outfit and super-cool hairstyling; while the first for mini-Cinderellas, Belles or Sleeping Beauties is ‘Courtyard’, costing £100. This base package includes an exclusive princess top and tutu, a sash, commemorative photo, certificate and a pampering session with hair-do, accessories, nail colour and face painting fit for royalty.

Of course there is then the option to upgrade, making the experience all the more memorable. For £200, the next level up is ‘Crown’, which gives you all the bits and bobs of the ‘Courtyard’ option but also includes your daughter’s choice from an exclusive range of Disney princess dresses, a filled make-up bag and, most importantly, a sparkly tiara.


Lead image: Harrods exterior by night
Above: One of the Royal ballgown dresses 


Top banner: Fairy-Godmother-in-training guidance
Above: Princess gown with princess face paint

£500 will see little princesses treated to the ‘Castle’ package, which adds to the sweetness with dazzling princess shoes, a make-up case brimming with kid-friendly products, a special travel case and the full collection of Disney Princess dolls.

The crème de la crème, however, is the ‘Royal’ package which, for £1000, includes all the goodies mentioned above, plus a crystal Cinderella-shoe memento, a storytelling photo album and the added luxury of an exclusive princess ball gown (chosen from three options).

Whatever level you choose, it’s bound to be a luxe delight. Your assigned Fairy-Godmother-in-training will also run kids through royal etiquette training, helping their transformation from regular runabout to poised princes and princesses.

We think it’s a perfect childhood memory just waiting to happen.

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