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Every parent knows that getting great photos of their kids isn’t as easy as ‘1, 2, 3, cheese!’ So here are the latest industry tips, trends and insights into family photography to help you get the perfect shot.

WORDS Madison Westall

W hen Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt arrived in 2008, proud parents Brad and Angelina sold their first official photographs for a reported $14 million. Dressed all in white and looking like they’d won the genetic lottery, this was cliché newborn photography at its five star finest.

In a slightly more rustic spread, Suri Cruise was welcomed into the world by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, sitting atop a mountain. With Hollywood royalty for parents, the camera has loved this celeb tot from day one.

However, this trend isn’t just for the residents of Beverly Hills. The demand for elegant, timeless and stylish children’s photography has spread to Australia. Doting parents nationwide are blowing the budget in order to capture those precious childhood memories. We’ve interviewed some of Australia’s premier family photographers to help you achieve a stress-free Kodak moment whether you’re on holiday or at home.


Starting with newborns, parents should look no further than Louise Treacy Photography. While noting safety as a number one priority, Louise says, “Beautiful soft natural light, a warm room, baby with a full tummy and a whole lot of confidence handling babies are some of the key ingredients.” She goes on to explain, “When photographing a baby around six to 12 months old it is really about having some fun with them – interact with them, play peek-a-boo, tickle their little feet and get those gorgeous smiles flowing.”

Main image: Taken by Tanya Sorokina, resident photographer
at the Hilton Maldives Iru Fushi
Above: Bella Piccolo Photography


Moving on to toddlers and older children, Tara Chiu from Seasons in Art Photography has invaluable advice for keeping kids relaxed and happy. She says, “Giving a child a quiet, interesting and creative space can often provide the best images. Whether it’s a garden location where you have hidden treasures for them to find, or simply having some new toys around for them to explore, it’s important for the child’s imagination to be captured, even if only for a moment. I also find that a little bit of silliness goes a long way!”


When photographing the whole family, Carissa Little of Bella Piccolo Photography is grateful for a recent change in trend. She says, “Family photography has definitely gone past the very sterile image of a family all dressed in white t-shirts and denim jeans, thank goodness! Family photography now is more about an image where the family are engaging with each other, walking, laughing, looking at each other.”

Rebecca Gray from OPMI Photography agrees; “I think people are getting back into more relaxed, fun family photos that show each person’s personality and how they interact together.”

Above: Seasons in Art Photography

From above: Bella Piccolo Photography
O.P.M.I. Photography


Often, however, the best and most relaxed shots of families playing together are taken on holiday. Unless you’re a celeb with a paparazzi following, you can’t always have a pro photographer with you when you travel, so how do you guarantee the perfect holiday snapshots? Many resorts, such as the Hilton Maldives Iru Fushi, are appointing resident photographers who can be booked in advance to do a ‘location shoot’. Tanya Sorokina, a photographer with world-wide experience, can be booked by visitors at the Hilton property for up to whole day, which she will dedicate to getting the perfect album of shots for you to remember your special family time - all you have to do is say ‘cheese’.


Now that you’ve got images worthy of showing off, there are several new and noteworthy methods of displaying photographs around your home. While Digital Photo Frames had a brief surge in popularity a few years ago, the Hewlett Packard DreamScreen 100 is 10.2 inches of high definition, wireless, touchscreen photo-displaying heaven. With additional music and video capabilities, this all-in-one is a great way to display those Pulitzer-worthy family snaps.

For those who prefer something more tangible, Bella Piccolo Photography offers a great alternative – the Dream Album. This exclusive product is press printed and similar to a coffee table book, however the pages are rigid like a traditional matted album. Individually designed by owner Carissa Little, this is the Rolls Royce of family albums.

If you want to see those cherubic faces displayed every day, there are some wonderful innovations in wall art in the luxury market. Tara Chiu says, “Displaying your photographs is definitely an individual choice, however, new techniques such as large scale aluminium prints, or printing on glass, can provide a vivid and clear image that I love.”

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