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Nappies, swim nappies, clothes for all weather, spare clothes for all weather, prams, skin balm, lip balm, sunblock. When travelling with kids the list seems endless. But it doesn’t need to be.

WORDS Madison Westall

T here is no denying that travelling with kids, especially small kids, is stressful whether you travel economy, first or private-jet class. However, travel facilities have come along in leaps and bounds lately, and if you know where to look you’ll find what you seek – that is someone to do all the hard stuff for you so you can enjoy the kids! Here are several companies offering services from concierge to travel nannies so you can sit back, relax and slurp up that cocktail by the pool.

They’re such little creatures, but they take up so much room! When packing for kids you definitely need a lorry to carry everything you need to take even just on a weekend away, but British-based company The Little Concierge Company has been created to combat just this problem. The premium delivery service will organise a package containing all your favourite baby products to be waiting for you when you arrive at your destination, no matter where in the world you’re going or where in the world you’re coming from. You simply add the products you need to your on-line shopping basket and bob’s your uncle!

From nappies and toys to booster seats and portable beds, JetSet babies have thought of everything. They specialise in packages that cater for your holiday, whether that be in a tropical paradise, on the ski slopes or camping in the woods. JetSet Babies tracks your package from warehouse to destination, allowing you peace of mind and a break from airline fees, unmanageable baggage and the uncertainty of not having baby’s creature comforts in a new destination.

Babies Travel Lite boasts over 1000 products in their catalogue, many of which are organic and Earth friendly and all available to be shipped, pre-arrival, to your holiday destination. Ever the forward thinkers, their website has pre-prepared bundles aimed to ensure you don’t forget anything when you’re on the go. Whether it’s ‘Beach Time’, ‘Sun Time’ or ‘Bath Time’, you and your baby won’t be left unprepared. (official supply service of the Hyatt)

" Created by mums for mums and with delivery to almost anywhere in the world, this is really a service for peace of mind. "

Kids Away was born when a young family from the UK struggled recently on a trip abroad with pushchairs, suitcases full of baby equipment, hand luggage – not to mention the toddlers themselves! They also shared many travelling families concerns of their child rejecting foreign food, milk, nappies etc. Now, they’re here to provide customers with all this and more! Additionally, they stock items like buggy sun shades and swimming equipment that can be difficult to find out of season. Introducing a ‘Parents Zone’ soon for adult services.

Stocking a wide range of UK-branded products, Bebebel’s aim is to take the stress out of planning for a holiday by having your baby’s nappies, food, milk and holiday equipment waiting for you upon arrival. Created by mums for mums and with delivery to almost anywhere in the world, this is really a service for peace of mind. Also, Bebebel is registered with the Baby Equipment Hire Association and is subsequently able to rent quality baby products.

Holiday Nanny is the original and best specialist nanny agency supplying the highest-calibre nannies to accompany five star families on their travels. The agency tailors the nanny to each family – expertly matching skills, qualifications, personalities and talents to the family they are accompanying and the children they will be caring for. Amongst their experienced and professional collection of nannies, Holiday Nanny boasts PE teachers, swimming instructors, drama and dance teachers and even a national figure skating champion. Also available are nannies who are experienced with special needs children and highly qualified maternity nurses. With a totally confidential service, Holiday Nanny endeavours to provide both parents and kids with a truly relaxing holiday break.

My Travelling Nanny is a family-run business that is committed to building up a large database of professional nannies with wide-ranging experiences and skills. Whether you’re looking for a speech therapist, a swimming teacher, a maternity nurse or a skiing instructor, there is a nanny to cater for every luxury family holiday. Additionally, many of their nannies are bi-lingual and very capable language tutors – why not take the kids to Italy with a nanny who can teach them Italian along the way? The possibilities are endless.


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