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From couture dressing to inspiring entire fashion labels Ė itís all in New York and itís all in a dayís shopping for the next generation of celebrity fashionistas.

WORDS Edwina Hooke

Oh to have been blessed with the limitless love, attention and bank accounts of parents like David and Victoria. At just one-year-of-age, Harper Beckham has already inspired the term Ďtot coutureí and taken her spot among the ranks of the worldís most fashion-forward tots including Suri Cruise, the Jolie-Pitts and of course, Kingston and Zuma Rossdale. These kids know what they want and how to get it. At an age when most kids donít know even know what it is, theyíve got it in every colour available.

It canít be denied that in the mini fashion world Suri reigns supreme, so letís take our lead from her. With a dress sense favouring Manhattan, this seems the perfect place to start our shopping spree but shopping can be draining, so on route to the West Village we can pick up her favourite drink, a Starbucks venti skinny mocha with whipped cream- hold the caffeine - and head on down to Bleecker St.

First stop is Bonpoint, a gorgeous French boutique featuring a wide range of kids clothing with that certain je ne sais quoi only the French can claim. Both Victoria and Harper must love the mix of little girl looks and classic shapes with on trend colour palates. Created over 30 years ago by Marie-France Cohen, it has the prestige of starting life as Parisís first childrenís clothing house. Bonpointís creations have remained fresh and timely with designs for girls ranging from frilly party frocks to savvy mini trench coats and cool beatnik cigarette pants.

Main image: The stunning New York skyline
Above: Time Square by taxi

While youíre on Bleecker St, you may as well pop down to the corner for one of Suriís favourite treats - a massive red velvet cupcake smothered in cream cheese icing from Magnolia Bakery.

Now, itís time to jump in a cab (or private car) and head south to SoHo to the flagship store for 3.1 Phillip Lim on Mercer Street. Kid by Phillip Lim, launched five years ago, offers versions of his adult line (loved by the likes of Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson) scaled down for smaller frames. Nothing has been skimped on in this collection- all pieces are made with the quality and attention of the full sized version making it the perfect place for upmarket mummy and me dressing.

Above: The Big Apple's elite shopping district


We all know no outfit is complete without shoes and Repetto is the French ballet shoe company responsible for shodding glamorous feet such as Sarah Jessica Parker and perhaps the less glamorous, but still well-shod feet of Hilary Clinton. Their cultural and fashion significance would be zilch, however, if Brigitte Bardot hadnít worn them in And God Created Woman creating the ballet shoe craze in the 50s and cementing the shoesí place in style history.

While notoriously difficult to find, these immaculately made flats provide stylish relief for grown and growing feet alike including high heels, of which there are many in Suriís burgeoning collection. One place that does stock them is Pas de Deux at 330 East 11th Street, just a short drive north from 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Next, continue up town to Madison Avenue. Iíd recommend taking 3rd Avenue so you can swing by Serendipity 3 for an ice cream (see our All Scream for Ice Cream article) before visiting perhaps the best store to capture Suriís look.

While your average mum might go to a dressmaker or at the very least run up a Butterick pattern to create something special and unique for her little girl, Katie has taken that idea as far as you would too, if you had the means. Only launched last year, Holmes and Yang is the collaborative label of Katie Holmes and Jeanne Yang, her stylist. Now, itís not exclusively a childrenís wear line but it is made exclusively in Manhattan and Brooklyn with lux fabrics- high quality and price tag to match. To get Suriís approval on a piece, Jeanne Yang has stated simply ďIt has to twirlĒ. Itís good to know some things donít change.

About now even the most dedicated shopper would be feeling hunger pangs. For lunch, why not stroll through Central Park over to 73rd Street and get a table at Aliceís Tea Cup. Katie and Suri often eat there and with the charming Alice in Wonderland inspired interior and a menu offering high tea trays piled with scones, cakes and sandwiches- itís not hard to see why.

The last stop for today, Eliane et Lena, is a French label full of true girly fashion. If frills and bows are the order then look no further. Their designs are created for ages from 6 months to twelve years and this is reflected in its popularity with the star power of Jessica Alba, Courtney Cox, Katherine Heigl, Nicole Richie and Heidi Klum. Now, unless you want to schlep it over to Brooklyn, Iíd recommend ordering these gorgeous dresses on line, perhaps in the car on your way home- you must be tired after such a long day of successful shopping.

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