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We've put together a list of the five best - and most unusual - ice creameries on the planet, so grab your kids and follow our list to an ice cream dream.

WORDS Rebecca Lawson

All kids (and most parents) love ice cream but we know you like it lux so we’ve sourced the good, the expensive, and the just plain weirdest sundaes we could find. Grab the ice cream connoisseurs in your family and see who’s rich enough, who’s brave enough and who’s old-fashioned enough to taste their way around the globe – just make sure you don’t get brain-freeze.


Sea Island’s Wonderland – Georgia, USA

Step back in time
Themed like an old-fashioned ice creamery straight out of the 50s, Sea Island has created the perfect spot for your child’s ice cream dream. Twelve house-made ice creams are available with over 65 varieties of candy to top off the perfect frozen creation. But it doesn’t stop at just sundaes – Wonderland also creates malts, milk shakes, floats and two-scoop specials with tantalizing names right out of grandma’s cook book; chocolate cream pie, strawberry shortcake, pineapple upside down cake and, of course, the good old banana split.

Ice Cream City - Tokyo, Japan

For those who dare
A great place to play gourmet ‘Dare’ with your kids, located in the Namja Town amusement park in the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo is Ice Cream City, which is home to dozens of ice creameries selling more than 300 flavours. Sounds good, but this is no ordinary ice cream experience – more of a frozen adventure. The challenge is in the flavours with creations including soy chicken, eel, whale, beef tongue, horse sashimi and for those with a little venom, pit viper. You can also get traditional American sundaes, but with these kinds of epicurean once-in-a-lifetimes, why choose anything else? Bet your kids think broccoli for dinner is sounding pretty good now.

Serendipity 3 - New York, NY

Who says you can’t eat gold?
So you think your kids have expensive taste? Well here’s one to tempt even the most five-star mini culinary critics – the Frrozen [sic] Haute Chocolate Sundae is, at US$25000, officially the most expensive in the world; Guinness Book of Records certified. This fully edible frozen gastronomic experience is strictly for chocoholics, made from a blend of 28 of the best cocoas from around the world mixed with edible gold shavings, is topped with gold whipped cream and served with a side of La Madeline au Truffle, which is recognised by Forbes as the most expensive chocolate in the world and sells for US$250 per mouthful. Just in case you haven’t had your fill of ‘all that glitters’ yet, the goblet which houses the sundae is also coated in the shiny gold stuff and the base is formed by a gold bracelet lined with diamonds. The spoon is lined with white and chocolate-colored diamonds. And don’t worry if you don’t think it’s very good value for money – you get to keep the spoon.
Passionflower - Sydney, Australia

Bringing the flavour home
Feel like a taste of the world but don’t want to have to jump on the private jet? Well, jet down to Sydney’s Haymarket with the kids and let them explore the delicious Asian-influence that is Passionflower. With top flavours which include azuki red bean, black sesame, durian for those brave enough, and of course the relatively stable lychee and rose, this is a great way to get the kid tasting something different. And with sundae names including Final Fantasy, Pandora’s Box and Awesomeness, your kids are sure to find China Town’s ice cream hideaway is, well, awesome.
Chin Chin Labs - London, England

For those who like their ice-cream turbo-injected

Want fresh ice-cream, fast? We all know kids are not famous for patience, so next time you’re in Ole’ Blighty, take them down to London’s Camden Lock to the now legendary Chin Chin Labs. Perhaps the most novel ice-creamery on the planet, the place is themed like a mad scientist’s laboratory and ice cream is, literally, made-to-order in front of your eyes. The trick is using liquid nitrogen and the premises are touted as Europe’s first liquid nitrogen ice cream parlor.

Customers choose from only three flavours, which change constantly and include such innovations as blueberry buttermilk pancake served with bacon sugar shards, or for those wheatgrass lovers, the Green Grass creation. Sundaes can then be personalised with your choice of one of the topping test tubes. It’s the most attention your kids will ever pay to a science lesson.

Clockwise from top: Chin Chin Labs - London, Ice Cream City – Tokyo and Serendipity 3 - New York.

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