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What our Magazine Readers say about us


My Dad picked up a copy of your latest magazine onboard Qantas and said, "If only this was around when we needed it" (as I have 5 siblings)!!



Thanks, the win comes as a pleasant suprise as I'd completely forgotten sending in tips. $50 is huge amount to a family living on less than $20,000 per year.

I've just crunched the frosty foreshores of Lake Burley Griffin while hot air baloons, and rowing eights emerged from a mist pinked by dawn; afterwards hot mocha-chocolates, croissants and laughter. Yup it's bliss living beneath the snow-capped Brindabellas.

Our annual holiday, late August, will be a house-swap with Whitsunday's friends, (thanks to happy hour airfares). Of course we can't afford restaurants/activities on Hamilton Island but we can swim, snorkel, and trek to the Peak. And lucky me shall lash out with my new watercolours..

Your work rocks. I love your site but suspect you have no idea how important it really is.

Retraining in Community Education/Community Development, I'm hoping to stem the devastation that I patched up in hospitals. As a midwife and hospice nurse I watched people destroy health and relationships by misguidedly forgoing holidays and special time with family.  Sure life's tough. But we must resist excessive demands of work etc. It's a bit late learning that the ratrace is madness 'after' you've had a heart attack, stroke, nervous or marriage breakdown. No dying bloke ever says, "I wish I'd spent more time at the office." They always say. "Don't make my mistakes nursie. Go home to your family. Give'em time. Play with'em. And learn to say sorry." Holidays With Kids makes it easy for families to play together.

Anyway thanks so much,

Joan Hulmes

Dear Holidays with Kids staff,

I recently got sent a movie pass for "Are we done yet"? Thank you so much we will enjoy going to see this movie.

Kind regards

Jennifer Sharpe and family


Thank you thank you thank you for your magnificent website and magazine.  I have a 12 yr old and a 3 year old and there was nothing like this years ago!!  We are blessed to have sites like yours,
Thank you
Aileen Solowiej

Hi Holiday with Kids

I just had to drop a line and rave on about your fantastic Brochure/Magazine and Website!!!  I have just come across the magazine at a travel agent when I went in to organize our second skiing trip in two years. (We are hooked!) I was instantly thrilled when your magazine was handed to me and held in my hot little hands for the first time.

Being a single parent with one child, I was relieved to find that there is a special section that caters to our issues on travel.  Good on ya!

We feel so excited about our next trip and look forward to planning some more through your magazine.


Jasmina Nesic
Verve for Women
3-144 Stirling Highway
Nedlands  WA  6009

While flying Business Class on Qantas from New Zealand recently, I read an in-flight copy of Holidays with Kids magazine, and instantly loved it. I've got a one year old daughter and thought it was great that there was finally something out there  which directly targeted me and provided a one-stop resource for research and planning our family holidays-especially the children friendly places! I was so impressed with Holidays with Kids that I wanted  to promote the products my company represents in the magazine and am now doing a promotion on the Holidays with Kids website.

Holidays with Kids is a great resource for both businesses and parents  alike. 
Anastasia Jones
Max Australia
North Sydney

Thank you so much for sending out the information regarding Holiday with Kids.  While I had been told about the magazine, I hadn't seen it yet, and let me tell you, I have filled out my subscription form and I'm mailing it today. I love it!

Fantastic magazine, as a single parent in the luggage design business, who travels a great deal with her daughter, this magazine is my new travel bible!

Warm Regards
Jacinta Richmond
Coconut Luggage
Coolum, Sunshine Coast

I keep buying your magazine, and enjoy it. I especially enjoyed the last issue. Having young children I love to read venues and holidays suitable. You cover a vast choice with good information, that particularly relates to families and is to the point. And the advertising is descerning without being junkie.

I can't wait until the next magazine comes out, which I think will be soon?

Well done,

Loretta Whitridge

I have recently discovered your wonderful magazine whilst shopping at our Toys ’R’ Us store with my two daughters.  We stood there…poring over the beautiful pictures and reading through the pages for about 10 minutes. I promptly handed over $20 to purchase four copies (one for myself and three friends) when I was thus most pleasantly surprised to be informed that the magazines were, in fact, free of charge to in-house shoppers!

My husband, Detlef, and I literally ‘live’ for our holidays and  never go without the children, so as soon as I arrived home, we began planning a five-day break to a ‘child-friendly’ resort in Queensland.  All of the information we obtained was from the Holidays with Kids magazine, as it is so well presented, beautifully photographed and very informative.

Nothing is left to chance – even airport distances and transport times are listed, which is a huge bonus when organizing the girls’ car journey activities whilst combating the ‘are we there yet?’ syndrome us mums and dads are all too familiar with!

…Our next planned holiday will be to the Cook Islands.  Once again, all of the information we require is right here under my fingertips.  Every topic is covered – from health regulations to dress code, passport requirements, what to take, and special ‘bonuses’ which may be included, and, of course, the most important topic –things to do for the kids!

Holidays with Kids has become a family favourite and we eagerly await the next issue which we have subscribed to. Keep up the good work!

Erika Harbacka,
New Gisborne Vic 3438


I am a High School teacher in the government system in South Australia…I am the mother of two boys aged 4 & 7 years.  Other travel magazines I buy just don’t focus on those wanting to take holidays with children.  Yours was a breath of fresh air!  So it was with great delight that I found this latest copy in the newsagent at Nuriootpa…I feel so strongly that the magazine is an excellent resource for people with children.

It is great how you include ideas for local holidays as well as overseas.  Also offering a range of accommodation levels in locations is good.  Sometimes you want a holiday going the “whole hog” (resort style), whilst other times the dollar value may be a concern so the cabin type is useful.  The excellent set-out and use of colour makes the magazine attractive.  I find my boys flick through it and point out places that appeal to them!

Heather Bitter, Lyndoch SA 5351


I have looked at several issues of Holidays with Kids, and each one just seems to be better and bigger…What a wonderfully informative magazine this is.  I have twin boys aged 11 and they just love planning our next holiday from your magazine…The presentation is excellent…the information is extensive…

I have shown the magazine to friends and family who can’t believe Toys ’R’ Us distribute this terrific magazine for free!  I haven’t seen any other magazine like this that caters for family holidays.  You show a great knowledge of children.  I am looking forward to the next issue.

Helen Bailey
Turramurra NSW  2074


Hi Cathy

I would just like to thank Holiday With Kids for providing such a wonderful prize at the Angourie Rainforest Resort at Yamba.  We have only just taken this holiday and we had a wonderful time.  Yamba is such a great spot and this resort is so well equipped for children I had the most relaxing week you could imagine.

The accommodation was great.  The villa were tastefully decorated and had plenty of space.  The restaurant was very nice, allowing for those lazy nights when you didn't want to venture too far.  Room service was also available for when you have totally wound down and just can't be bother leaving your cosy living quarters.

The villas surround the great facilities for both the family and especially the kids.  There are BBQ's situation to close proximity to the villa and are kept in such immaculate conditions, as is the whole resort.  The play facilities for the children are excellent.  There is an indoor play area including a jumping castle, ball pit and slides as well as pin ball machines and pool table for the older kids.  The "park" area has great slides and all the great things to kept children active and happy.  There are two pools, one especially for the kids.  This pool is heated to 26 degrees and allows kids to have fun regardless of the weather.

We had the best week, the most difficult job I had all week was to decide which article I was going to read in the magazine I had while I layed on the deck chair beside the pool while the children played having a ball.

Once again thank you very much, a great time was had by all and I recommend this resort to all families.

Regards - Pauline Arnold  


 Dear Stuart,

Thank you kindly for sending a copy of your publication.  Once again I found it to be very informative packed with great features and completive prices.

You definitely find the best locations, we have stayed at the Peninsula Apartments featured in this edition (on the Gold Coast) twice, absolutely superb accommodation and facilities there.  These facilities are definitely first class and service is excellent.  What a restaurant!

We are using "Holidays with Kids" to research our next holiday to Coffs Harbour early next year, and your magazine with its fantastic layout makes easy work of finding the best contacts at resorts etc.  Through your publication we have now been added to Resort email lists which offer us special deals as they arise, and your Advertisers have been very friendly and helpful with enquiries.

I can't wait to see what you have in store in your next edition, my young children love the photos and pick out where they want to visit.  A very fine magazine!

Regards to your team.
Sian Ruis

Portland  VIC  3305

Hi my name is Lili, I just found your magazine for the first time and absolutely love it.  The best magazine I have found in ages.  It is exactly what I wanted, as I am planning a holiday to Bali with my family and a group of friends.

I would just like to know how often this magazine comes out and when the next issue will be out.
Thank you for your time.   Lili

Thank you so much for your reply.  I think what you did, taking your children and not telling them, is a great idea!!  I may use that when the time comes.  I am still thinking hard about it.  They have not been to any theme park before.  We went to Queensland last year, staying at Noosa and only got to Australia Zoo.  They loved that and remember that, but that is not a theme park, as you would know.
I guess with your comment that your children have forgotten some of the trip, is what I would not like to happen, but I am sure with a 4 and 6 year old it would. I think we may be better off waiting for a year or 2.
I have also looked into the resort you mentioned the Disneyland Hotel and also there are 2 others they own, and they seem to be very expensive.  When the time comes, I would love to stay there though.  If it is just for 3 nights or so, it maybe worth it.
Thank you again for the information.  It was very helpful. Kind regards, Bronwyn

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