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Family adventures across the globe – from Latin America to Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa!

Just because you’ve settled down and had kids doesn’t mean you have to stop having adventures. Wanderlust is genetic, so bring the kids along for the ride! We’ve scoured the globe in search of exciting experiences that fit the needs of travellers big and not-so-big alike. And unlike most things, travel is something you never grow out of; whether your kids are little or almost grown, we’ve got an adventure that’ll fit them (and you!) perfectly.

We handpick activities that maximize the fun for travellers of all ages. Some engage the brain, others the body, and still others both! Even when you’re on the move, we’ll keep everyone occupied with language lessons, cultural learning opportunities and local games. Many trips employ a second CEO who’ll keep the kids busy while you enjoy some time that’s just for adults.

Before you decided to start a family, you backpacked and slept in hammocks by the sea. Now you want to share that spirit of adventure with the family. Keep it alive with authentic and educational trips that reflect what’s important to parents—short travel times and the safety of group travel.

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Family Galapagos - 10 Day, G8, Southeastern Islands (EV10GAF)

South America - Galapagos, Ecuador. 10 days

Part science lab, part playground, the Galapagos has something for every nature lover, regardless of age. Our kid-friendly adventure here gets you out with the exotic beasties that call this volcanic island chain home in a 7-day span that fits the needs of the budget- and time-conscious family. Enjoy guided nature walks, wildlife encounters and all the swimming and snorkelling you can handle from the comfort of a hotel that floats along with you. Best family vacation ever? You bet.

Highlights: Eight days cruising and swimming the Galapagos Islands, visiting Charles Darwin Research Station, encountering totally unique wildlife, knowing your snorkelling gear is provided.

Borneo Family Adventure (AABF)

Asia - Malaysia, Borneo. 11 days

Borneo is one of the few places left on this planet that feels untouched by time. Spend a little of yours here with the kids. Perfect for families eager to get deep into the thick of things, this exciting journey takes you deep into the jungles to meet the locals (and stay in one of their traditional longhouses to boot) and encounter wildlife you’d otherwise only see on TV. The biggest highlight: Catching up with your primate relatives at the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. It’s just 11 days, but it feels like a lifetime.

Highlights: Enjoying the white sand beaches of Pulau Gaya, meeting primate cousins at Sepilok Orangutan Centre, Staying in traditional long house accommodation

China Family Adventure (ACFB)

Asia - Hong Kong, China. 14 days

China is that rare place that looks to the future while embracing its past. Come see where it’s been and where it’s headed on this incredible 14-day adventure through times both ancient and modern. Starting in Beijing, you’ll stop in at the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and the Great Wall before departing to Xi’an for a summit with the Terracotta Warriors. Later, enjoy three days in the rugged beauty of rural Yangshuo before winding it all up in bustling Hong Kong. In China, the future—and the past—is now.

Highlights: Visiting the Great Wall and Beijing's monuments, encountering Terracotta Warriors, cycling through karst landscapes, and wandering Hong Kong's vibrant streets, seeing pandas in Chengdu.

India Family Adventure (AHIF)

Asia - India. 11 days

There’s no place on Earth as colourful as India. Don’t believe us? Come see for yourself! Your family will witness the full spectrum over these 11 busy days, from the Jama Masjid’s red sandstone, Jaipur’s pink-tinged architecture, Ranthambore National Park’s lush green hills (and it’s orange-striped main attraction: tigers!), the blazing white majesty of the Taj and a dazzling flurry of silks in every market. Adventure is an art, and India has the boldest palette around.

Highlights: Sampling the colours and flavours of Udaipur, spotting tigers in Ranthambore National Park, playing cricket with local kids in a remote village, marvelling at the sight of the Taj Mahal, the world's most famous building

Japan Family Adventure (AJFA)

Asia - Japan. 11 days

The past and the future collide in present-day Japan on this eye-opening 11-day family adventure. It begins with a 2-day tour of the neon-bright streets of Tokyo that hits the city’s wonders, both modern and ancient. Later on, you’ll learn the secrets of the ninja in historic Uenoshi, explore shrines and wildlife parks in Nara and take a quiet moment to reflect in the peaceful grounds of Hiroshima Memorial Park. Rich with new experiences, exotic cuisine and compelling history, Japan appeals to the teenager in all of us. Bring yours!

Highlights: Experiencing the past in Kyoto's historic centre and the shrines of Nara, exploring Kanazawa Castle, losing yourself in the picturesque Kenroku-en Garden and the 'Ninja' Temple, marvelling at iconic Mt Fuji and Miyajima's floating Torii Gate.

Nepal Family Adventure (ANNF)

Asia - Nepal. 10 days

The towering peaks of Annapurna seem otherworldly, but this is no fairytale. Nepal’s beauty is very, very real, and something everyone—young or old—should see at least once. This family trip introduces you to the holy city of Kathmandu, home to some of Buddhism’s most important shrines, before spiriting you off to Pokhara and the amazing Annapurna foothills for a walk through the clouds. Later, you’ll get close to the region’s unique wildlife in Chitwan National Park. It’s like a bedtime story, only you’re wide awake.

Highlights: Trekking in the shadow of the awesome Annapurna mountains, discovering culture and history in Kathmandu, spotting elephants and other wildlife in Chitwan National Park.

Thailand Family Adventure (ATFF)

Asia - Thailand . 12 days

Why do some families go all the way to Thailand just to lie on the beach? We don’t know either. Our family adventure mixes a whole lot of bona fide Thai experiences—everything from a longboat tour of Bangkok, a meeting with a hill tribe community, a cooking class in Chiang Mai and a somber visit to the infamous bridge over the River Kwai—with a little bit of sand and surf, too. Hey, even the Buddha reclined and relaxed once in a while, right?

Highlights: Getting caught up in the bustle of Bangkok, taking in the scenery at ancient Ayutthaya, wandering through colourful Chiang Mai, relaxing on the beach in Koh Chang.

Vietnam Family Adventure (AVVF)

Asia - Vietnam. 12 days

Gifted with a staggering abundance of flavourful food, fascinating culture, untouched nature and disarmingly friendly people, Vietnam has more than earned its rep as one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. This fun-focused family trip packs as much of the good stuff—cruising Halong Bay, exploring the Imperial Citadel, museum visits and even a boat trip to a floating market—into 12 days as humanly possible, yet still offers more than enough time to relax. Don’t forget to pack your smile; you’ll be needing it often here.

Highlights: Exploring Hanoi by cyclo, cruising the peaks in Halong Bay, Shopping and relaxing in Hoi An, Meeting local families in the Mekong Delta, Discovering bustling Ho Chi Minh City.

South African Family Adventure (DAFA)

Africa - South Africa. 12 days

Choosing the right trip for your family is tough. South Africa makes it ridiculously easy. Looking for a scenic drive? Check out the wonders along the fabled Panorama Route. Eager to spot the Big Five on the prowl? The national parks of Timbavati and Kruger are here to help. Curious about local history and traditional customs? Ask the villagers yourself. Fancy a swim or a stroll through the mountains? St. Lucia and Drakensburg deliver. If variety is indeed the spice of life, South Africa may just be the world’s greatest spice cabinet.

Highlights: Searching for the Big Five in Kruger, soaking up culture and history in Johannesburg, hiking in the mountains at Drakensburg, relaxing at the beach at St Lucia. spotting white lions in Timbavati game reserve.

Egypt Family Adventure (DPFC)

North Africa / Middle East - Egypt. 10 days

History class is way more interesting once you’ve stood where it all happened. Treat your kids to an unforgettable journey back to the age of the pharaohs on this incredible 10-day tour of Egypt’s ancient wonders. It begins with the iconic monuments and pyramids around Cairo, Abu Simbel and a cruise down the Nile. Next, it’s three full days in Luxor for temple visits, Karnak and a camel ride. Then, it’s off to the coast of the Red Sea for three days of well-earned downtime before heading home. Ancient history should always be this hands-on.

Highlights: Gazing in awe at mummies in the ancient pyramids, Snorkelling among brightly coloured fish in the Red Sea, Riding a camel out in the desert.

Tanzania Family Adventure (DTFA)

Africa - Tanzania. 10 days

Taking the kids to the zoo will occupy them for a day. Taking them to Africa itself will stick with them for the rest of their lives. There’s a whole lot of amazingness crammed into this 10-day adventure through Tanzania—game drives in the Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park, personal encounters with villagers in remote communities, plate upon plate of flavourful deliciousness on Zanzibar and plenty more—but don’t worry; you’ll get to it all (and then some).

Highlights: Spotting the Big Five in the Serengeti, chilling on the beach in Zanzibar, meeting locals in the village of Mto wa Mbu, watching sunset in the Ngorongoro Crater

London to Paris Family Adventure (EEFH)

Europe - United Kingdom, France. 8 days

“I see London! I see France! I see…” Uh, let’s just leave it there, shall we? Europe’s two preeminent capitals await you and the kids on this short-and-sweet sojourn in London and Paris. Culture and exploration are the main attractions here, with loads of time at sites like the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower, but there’s plenty more that just history on the bill here. Ride a double-decker bus through London, learn the finer points of French cooking and wrap it all up with a sunset cruise down the Seine. What a week!

Highlights: Hunting for ravens in the Tower of London, Getting lost in the maze at Hever Castle, Whizzing under the English Channel by train, Learning to create fine French cuisine

Amalfi Family Adventure (EITF)

Europe - Italy. 8 days

Eager to expose the kids to Italian cuisine that doesn’t come in a cardboard box in 30 minutes or less? Take ‘em to the Amalfi Coast. Long a secluded hideaway for adults, the Coast has the most for the younger set as well. Based in smaller towns amidst truly breathtaking scenery, there's a huge variety of activities for your family. Try a delicious cooking class, see the ruins of the doomed city of Pompeii, hike the hills of Tre Calli, explore Capri and more, all in a breezy and affordable seven days. This is pizza’s ancestral home, after all. Deliver yourself to its doorstep.

Highlights: Visiting the ruins of the Roman town of Pompeii, Staring into the crater of Mt. Vesuvius, enjoying small town life in Amalfi

Peru Family Experience (SPFA)

South America - Peru. 9 days

Every traveller should visit Peru at some point. Introduce your kids to it early through this comprehensive trip that bundles the Amazon, Machu Picchu, Cuzco and more into 9 life-changing days. You’ll spend 2 nights at the exclusive G Lodge Amazon, learning about the wildlife from naturalists before exploring the Urubamba Valley, gazing awestruck at Machu Picchu and interacting with the locals—including kids—in Cuzco and Lima. Peru will stick with your kids long after they’ve stopped being kids.

Highlights: Searching for wildlife along the Amazon River, Exploring the mysterious Inca ruins at Machu Picchu, sampling the seafood in Lima.

Canadian National Parks Family Adventure (NCFA)

North America - Canada. 8 days

Collectively, the national parks of Canada’s great western frontier are a massive all-natural amusement park (minus the bad fair food, of course). This 8-day stint will get your family nice and familiar with this majestic land as you hike, raft and horseback ride across it. Check out the curious hoodoo rock formations in Banff, hike Jasper’s gorgeous canyons, visit the Grizzly Bear Reserve in Lake Louise and marvel at the splendour of nature in Kananaskis. Experience quintessential Canada; true, strong and free.

Highlights: Visiting some of Canada's most impressive scenery, enjoying the hoodoo rock formations and views around Banff, kayaking along clear blue rivers, hiking in beautiful, unspoilt scenery

Alaska Family Adventure (NUAK)

North America - United States. 8 days

The Great Outdoors are at their greatest up in Alaska. This short 8-day getaway gets your family out into the thick of it quickly, making the most of your time in the wilds of America’s extreme northwest. Up here, you’ll kayak the shores of Resurrection Bay with an eye peeled for otters, bald eagles and maybe even whales, then head off to hike the Kenai Peninsula’s glacial icefields. Later, we’ll ferry you across beautiful Kachemak Bay for lunch in the shadow of a stunning glacier. Welcome to nature at its purest.

Highlights: Hiking through lush rainforest, Admiring the views from Mt. Alyeska, Spotting wildlife in Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, Paddling on

Hawaii Family Adventure (NUHF)

Hawaii - United States. 7 days

Hawaii: It’s all just leis, luaus and loud shirts, right? So, so wrong. This 7-day adventure on the Big Island will introduce you to a side of America’s furthest-flung state you won’t find on the beach. Here, you’ll meet Kilauea, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, bike the amazing coastal roads of Hamakua, kayak in the Pacific Ocean and go horseback riding with some genuine Hawaiian cowboys. What’s the Hawaiian word for ‘boring’? You won’t find out on this trip, that’s for sure.

Highlights: Reaching the crater of Kilauea, Hawaii's most active volcano, Kayaking along the coast of Big Island, Searching for marine life while

Brazil to Argentina Family Adventure (SZAF)

South America - Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay. 14 days

If we crammed all the family-friendly highlights of Brazil and Argentina into a single trip, you’d be on the road for months. This 14-day jaunt around South America comes amazingly close, though. Here, you’ll learn the Brazilian martial art of capoeira in Rio, explore idyllic Ilha Grande, feel the power of Iguassu Falls, get a taste of gaucho culture at a working cattle ranch and experience the entrancing pull of Buenos Aires, all without ever feeling rushed. It’s South America, snack-sized!

Highlights: Trying your hand at capoeira in Rio, relaxing on the famous beaches of Ilha Grande, taking a boat ride up to the impressive Iguassu Falls, learning to ride a horse on a traditional estancia, enjoying diverse culture in Buenos Aires


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