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16 travel hacks every family should know

16 travel hacks

every family should know

Travelling with the tribe isn’t always easy but with these 16 sanity saving holiday hacks by Aleney de Winter, the road ahead should be paved with fun!

1. Smart Cookies
Ever found a holiday bargain online only to find the price has gone up when you go back to book? It might have something to do with your computer cache and cookies as some company’s track visitors and put the prices up when they see you’re keen. Beat the system and bag a bargain by doing your holiday browsing from an incognito web browser so your visits remain untracked.

2. Dollar dazzlers
Don’t select your destination based on the cheapest flights without checking exchange rates and local costs to see how far your money will stretch once you get there.

3. Bag a bargain
Subscribe online to local discount sites for your destination so you can access great discounts on dining and entry to local attractions.

4. Snap shot
Snap a shot of your entire family’s passports, visas, and any other necessary identification on your phone before leaving on a trip. Email it to yourself so you’ll have it on hand in two easy to access places in the case of an emergency.

5. Let it roll
Rolling your clothes rather than folding maximises luggage space and helps prevent wrinkles and creasing.

6. Shoe biz
Pack shoes in shower caps to keep your clothes clean!

7. On the Case
Use an old sunglasses case to store camera and phone chargers in your bag.

8. Car caddy
Road tripping? Mount a suction shower caddy to the car window to keep all the kids’ toys and snacks within arms reach.

9. Tech Talk
Load up your tablet with some new movies and apps, and make sure it’s fully charged before you go.

10. Power packed
You’ll only need one adapter to keep all your devices charged if you simply pack a power board.

11. No more leaks
There’s nothing worse than unpacking your bag and finding that the shampoo has leaked all through your luggage. To avoid the leaks remove bottle lids and place a small piece of plastic wrap over the opening before screwing them back on.

12. Carry-On
Pack a spare set of clothes for the kids along with nappies and snacks just in case your checked baggage goes missing.

13. Zip it
Pack loads of zip-lock bags. They’re holiday gold! Not only will they keep your phone and camera sand and water free at the beach, you can stuff a handful of snacks into one at the breakfast buffet for little ones to snack on while they’re there.

14. Charge it
If you forget your phone charger check the back of your hotel TV as most new models have a USB port you can connect power.

15. Write on
Make sure your kids are armed with your mobile phone number and hotel information in case you become separated. The best way to ensure they don’t lose this info is to write it on their arm in permanent marker at the start of each day.

16. Get real
When travelling with kids you need to have realistic expectations. By being prepared for the worst, while hoping for the best any little mishaps or the odd mid-flight meltdown won’t seem so bad.

When she’s not treading on Lego and being forced to watch Frozen on loop, Aleney de Winter is a travel, food and parenting writer. She shares tales of travelling and eating along with the hilarious antics of her globetrotting six-year old foodie son and daredevil three-year old daughter on her blog, Boy Eats World

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