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Book Review: The Stinky Street Stories, 2 Stinky by Alex Rattand & Jules Faber

Junior Bookworm, Luka Jackson, tells us her thoughts on Rattand and Faber's latest stinky story.

1. What is the story about?

This story is all on stinky situations that needed to be fixed, there were four chapters of different situations:

1. This story was about how every street was named stinky (e.g. stinky avenue, stinky street e.t.c) and there was this horrible smell down the sewer which they had to get to the bottom of and in the end there was a stinky pig.

2. The second chapter was about a school fate which the teacher needed help to have stalls so Brian and Nerf tried to scare the girls when they made their stall called "the house of beauty" where they did children's faces into butterflies while the boys name was "the house of horror" where they tried to scare the girls with blood, zombies and spiders. When Brenda, Brians sister, came in she wasn't scared at all but when the other girls from the "the house of beauty" came they got so scared and ran out.

3. The third one was when it was Brian's birthday his mum took him and Nerf to be zookeepers for the day but they got lots of animal poo on them.

4. The fourth one was when Nerf and Brian went to Brian's great grandads house. When they got there they has geese chasing them and they steeped in goose's poo.

2. Who are the main characters?

Brenda, Brian and Nerf

3. Which character did you relate to most? Why?

I related to Brenda because she is very helpful to her siblings even if she doesn't like him.

4. Which character did you like least?

Nerf because he is a bit of a scaredy-cat around things that are taller than him.

5. What did you like the most abotu the story?

That there aren't any cliff hangers so I could know what was happening next.

6. What did you like the least

That there were four different stories and you get a bit confused between the stories.

7. What did you learn from reading this story?

There wasn't really a lesson or moral for this story but if I gave a moral it would be that you will get there so don't turn back.

8. Would you recommend this book to your friends? Why or why not?

Yes I would recommend ages 5-12 for girls and boys but boys would enjoy this more than girls would.

9. Rating


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