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5 reasons why kids love holiday parks

5 reasons why kids love holiday parks

If you’re planning your next family holiday but the coffers aren’t exactly overflowing, why not consider staying at a nearby camping ground or holiday park.

You benefit from inexpensive getaway and the kids will adore the free-range feeling that comes with staying in a communal area. Most kids thrive when they go camping and here’s why.

1. Free range

The beauty of camping grounds is kids aren’t confined to a hotel room that is often a little cramped. They can run amok, bike until their hearts content and play tag without upsetting neighbours!

2. Easy to make friends

Such is the nature of holiday parks; kids seem to gravitate towards each other and can form instant firm friendships with fellow campers. They’ll be out playing from dawn until dusk!

3. Confidence building

Kids feel a sense of responsibility if they’re allowed to walk to the onsite shop for an ice-cream or visit the playground without you. Maybe consider buying a decent walkie talkie set with good range so you can keep in touch with them.

5 reasons why kids love holiday parks

4. New adventures

Usually camping grounds are located within walking distance of beaches or rivers which makes for busy days and lots of new adventures for kids. Consider making them a scavenger hunt list that they must complete throughout your stay.

5. Teaches patience

Sharing communal facilities such as picnic tables, the barbecue and ablutions blocks will be an adventure for kids. They’ll also have to wait their turn a lot of time which will teach them how to be patient.

6. Digital detox

Often camping grounds have patchy internet reception, or if this isn’t the case you can pretend it does. This compulsory lack of screens and phones will encourage your kids to make their own fun.

7. They help out

From doing the dishes, to hanging up washing and sweeping out the tent or cabin, kids naturally just muck in when you’re camping. If you’re lucky it might carry on when you get home!

5 reasons why kids love holiday parks

When former journalist Emily Toxward isn't wrangling her three kids she's juggling the demands of writing and failing fabulously at being a domestic goddess. A writer for 20 years, she's always on the go and looking for an adventure. She lives on the Gold Coast, the ocean is her happy place and she keeps parenting real on her blog Have A Laugh On Me.

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