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7 tips for a stress-free christmas

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7 Tips for a stress-free Christmas

‘Tis the season for Christmas festivities: there’s treats to bake, gifts to buy and plenty of friends and family to entertain. So keep up the festive cheer and survive the holidays this year with these stress-free tips.

1. Plan ahead

Start by organising a list of things you need to do before the big day, such as shopping, cooking, travel plans, decorations and so on. Decide on the items that take precedence and get a jump start on them.

2. Shop online

Everyone is well aware of the mayhem that takes place at shopping centres during the holidays. Skip the hassle and large crowds, and do some of your Christmas shopping online. Online bargains almost always correlate to the in-store sales, however, be sure to keep a keen eye on delivery details.

3. Wrap as you go

Don't leave the wrapping for the night before Santa visits. As soon as gifts arrive, wrap, label and place them under the tree. This way you’re able to avoid mixing presents up and it also saves you the trouble of dealing with cheeky kids in search of their long-awaited toys and Christmas morning goodies.

4. Ask for help

There are always plenty of duties and errands that need to get done. So rather than overworking yourself, enlist help. For example, have the little elves decorate the tree while you work on household duties or start the festive feast. It’s not called the season of giving for nothing!

5. Manage Sugar

While it’s probably the most difficult thing to do with all the sweet treats floating around, try to limit the amount of sugar the kiddies consume. With Santa’s impending arrival, excitement and anticipation will undoubtedly be flowing enough as it is.

6. Entertainment for kids

Whether you’re busy in the kitchen, hanging out at the grandparents or hitting the road for a Christmas with the in-laws, be sure to bring some entertainment for the children to keep them blissfully busy.

7. Don't expect perfection

Don't let minor mishaps ruin your Christmas spirit. Try not to worry too much when things don’t go exactly as planned. It’s the season to be merry and enjoy the company of loved ones, so be sure to have fun and make the most of it!

This article appeared in volume 49 of Holidays with Kids magazine. To subscribe to the latest issue, click here.

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