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8 Snacks you must try at Disneyland Shanghai

Theme Parks are not always known for good food but Disneyland is not your typical theme park. Food at all the Disney parks is often themed, unique and delicious. Some of these must try snacks below are classics while some of these snacks you canít get at the other Disney Parks.

1. Caramel Popcorn

The heavenly smell of this sweet and salty combination will have you weak at the knees. Outdoor popcorn carts selling freshly made hot caramel popcorn are conveniently located all over Disneyland making this our number one go to treat and our daily snack tradition. Kids will love the fun themed souvenir refillable popcorn buckets such as the Tron Lightcycle or Cinderellaís carriage.

2. Mickey Pork Bun

A traditional Chinese bun filled with pork and typically served as a type of dim sum during yum cha. Traditions aside this pork bun is Mickey shaped complete with a black bow tie and can be found in Fantasyland at Merlinís Magic Recipe food stand. This bun is also great for a quick lunch and is so delicious that we went back for thirds.

3. Mickey's Ice Cream Classic

As the name suggests this is a classic Disney treat and a must have when visiting any of the Disneyland parks around the world. What we love about this one at Shanghai Disneyland is that this treat on a stick is a combination of vanilla and chocolate ice-cream covered in milk chocolate rather than just vanilla ice-cream. You can find these ice-creamís all over the park at the Outdoor Popcorn carts and also at most drink stands.


4. Donald Duck Waffles

These delicious character- shaped waffles are served with soft serve ice-cream with options of chocolate or strawberry topping and make for a perfect snack to share or a sweet breakfast. You can only find these waffles at Il Paperino along Mickey Avenue inside Disneyland Shanghai.

5. Pinky & Vanilla Doughnuts

These doughnuts are extremely popular at Disneyland Shanghai and can be found almost all over the park wherever food is served. The Pinky is a classic pink iced doughnut and the Vanilla is a custard filled doughnut with vanilla and chocolate striped icing. Kids will love eating an endless supply of these doughnuts for breakfast at the Shanghai Disneyland Hotel Buffet breakfast.

6. Mickey Pretzel

The Mickey pretzel is a classic Disney treat and can be found in two locations at Disneyland Shanghai, Fantasyland and Gardens of Imagination at the Outdoor Mickey Pretzel Cart. Served fresh and warm this pretzel is a delicious salty and chewy snack thatís perfect to eat while walking around Disneyland.


7. Cinnamon Mickey Doughnut

A classic cinnamon doughnut made better because itís in the shape of Mickey Mouse. A sweet snack that is big enough to share, you can find this delicious treat at Remyís Patisserie along Mickey Avenue inside Disneyland Shanghai.

8. Churros

This delicious snack is popular in Spain, Portugal, France and of course it’s a classic Disney park snack. Always popular with the kids it makes for a delicious and easy on-the-go snack. You can find them at the Outdoor Churros Cart located in the Gardens of Imagination and Fantasyland.


From Disney to New York City this fun loving travel bug family is always planning or going on their next trip somewhere in the world. They are Melbourne foodies at heart so food always plays a crucial role when travelling. See their blog at Snowflakes, Palm Trees & Pretzels.

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