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A day at The Farm

Byron Bay, New South Wales

And on that farm there was delicious food E Ė I ĖE Ė I letís go Ö. I love an outing that satisfies both parents and children and The Farm at Byron Bay was a place that ticked everyoneís boxes.

At itís core The Farm is indeed a working farm, but itís been built with visitors in mind so itís not your traditional set up. I hazard a guess in saying there arenít too many cattle properties or fields of crops that could boast an award winning restaurant, a bar, bakery, shop, play ground and much more!

As soon as we arrived I couldnít keep my toddler contained to the pram, she wanted to get out and explore and it was the perfect spot to let her do so. A system of paths weaves around the site and following that we started at the pigsty.

Watching the English Large Blacks wallowing in the mud was pure joy for my one-and-a-half-year-old. She bounced up and down with excitement as we read her the information from the near by board Ė how much she took in I donít know but there was pointing and exclaiming Ďmudí and Ďdirtyí as the pigs enjoyed the cool pools of mud.


We continued down the path to a field of colourful flowers, planted both for aesthetics and the function of attracting insects. It was great to see a group of kids in the field on Farm Kids Workshop, exploring with a guide and deeply interested in whatever they were learning about. My Daughter, Lucinda, on the other hand was only intent on rushing over to the near by chickens yelling Ďcock-a-do-doí (almost there bubba).

I think itís easy to forget the wonder of watching animals, especially for young children, Lucy was besotted and I think it was great to start a dialogue with her about animals and farms, how we get our eggs from chickens, our milk from cows and so on. But The Farm is indeed much more than just animals and crops, itís known for itís food and we werenít missing out on that component.


The onsite restaurant Three Blue Ducks has received rave reviews since opening its doors last year and we were keen to join the ranks of hipster locals and visitors dining in. The philosophy of the restaurant is locally sourced seasonal produce. Itís definitely a creative menu that will excite your palate, a world away from simple cafť cuisine, but the great thing is they know their market and thereís bunch of great kids offerings on their very own ĎDucklingsí menu. I also really liked the option of things like Organic Cacao smoothie, cold press juices and homemade lemonade when it came to the drinks menu.

Hubby and I went for a lamb dish to share, freshly baked bread (baked on site and also sold at The Bread Social) plus fish and chips for little Lucinda, an organic cacao iced mocha (quickly devoured) and a homemade ginger ale. It was a feast that didnít disappoint and I must say after the toddler had picked through her fish fingers and roast potatoes mummy and dada were all too happy to help her to finish the meal, delicious.


I canít wrap things up without praising the playground, Iíve learnt to value a good playground and this farm themed wonderland didnít disappoint. It was also conveniently close to the restaurant so Lucy and her dad could venture over while we waited for our meals, and I could sit and enjoy my organic cacao iced mocha Ė pure bliss!

Also donít forget to pass through the store on the way out for organic locally sourced produce, some fresh bread or even a copy of the Three Blue Ducks cookbook, all great souvenirs from a fun day out.

In a former life Amy Peel was a footloose and fancy free TV Producer travelling Australia and abroad. Now with the addition of toddler Lucinda Louise into the mix the adventures continues but life has well and truly changed. Follow the fun on Instagram @mumapeel or start .Chasing Amy .

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