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Aulani Disney Resort hawaii

5 reasons your kids will love Aulani

Disney Resort & Spa in Oahu

Hawaii has got to be one of the most kid-friendly places to take a holiday. What’s not to love about sunshine, beaches and crystal blue swimming pools? Add a touch of Disney and you are in kid-paradise.

We recently stayed at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa in Ko Olina, Oahu, and it’s hands down now our favourite Hawaii holiday spot.

Here are five reasons you should book your Aulani stay right away:

1. It’s the perfect blend of Disney and Hawaii
A stay at the Aulani resort is a perfect compromise for the family who wants to experience Hawaiian culture - as well as all things Disney.

The resort does an excellent job of creating an authentic Hawaiian experience in their design and entertainment, particularly with their evening show, Starlit Hui, featuring Hawaiian legends, and the interactive treasure hunt around the resort where kids learn about Hawaiian culture and stories.

There is just that little touch of Disney entwined with the Hawaiian focus, such as Disney characters roaming the grounds, and towels twisted into a Mickey Mouse shape on the room beds.

The overall feeling is “Hawaii” rather than “Disney” - for families where certain members are Disney-obsessed and others not so much, this is the perfect compromise.

Aulani Disney Resort hawaii

2. The location is superb
The hotel is located right on the quiet Kohola Lagoon, set amongst 21 oceanfront acres, with a stunning mountain range behind it.

To say the resort is picturesque is an understatement. As well as being beautiful, Aulani is quiet. Well, perhaps not the pool areas, which are always humming with activity, but the beaches and streets in the area are extremely quiet, as the 30-45 minute drive out of Waikiki removes it from the main tourist path.

3. Endless activities
What will you do each day? Read a book in a deck chair overlooking the beach while your kids are at the kids’ club? Swim in one of the many stunning pools and hot tubs? Ride the Waikolohe Stream, or lazy river, ride around the pools, or perhaps shoot down a waterslide and then try your hand at snorkelling in the man-made reef? You can easily spend a full week at the resort without ever leaving, and never run out of things to do.

Aulani Disney Resort hawaii

4. Relaxing fun
Every evening the daily ‘IWA is released, containing the following day’s activities, which might be anything from a Disney character pool party to ukelele or hula lessons, and an animation drawing class. This mix of outdoor and indoor activities gives families a break from the sun when the heat gets too much.

5. The family-focus
“Ohana”, the Hawaiian word for “family” was clearly foremost in the planning of the Aulani resort. From the incredible facilities to the planned activities, welcoming staff and kid-friendly restaurants, it’s obvious that families are more than welcome, they are the heart of the resort.

Aulani is a resort where kids are not just tolerated or have allowances made for them. Instead, the entire resort is designed to ensure that families have a magical and relaxing holiday. It’s no wonder that many families have created an annual tradition out of vacationing at Aulani. It’s a tough act to beat.

Christine Knight writes about navigating the world and parenthood on her site, Adventure, Baby!. You can find her sampling gelato and cake around the world with her preschooler, or building sandcastles at the beach in her home town of Sydney.

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