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Now here's a project that will capture the imaginations of parents and kids alike! Melbourne-based photographer Bill Gekas never set out to be deemed a “professional” in the field; he just began teaching himself the basics as a hobby. Since his humble roots fiddling around with a film SLR in the 90s, to today where his award-winning works adorn the walls of galleries and pages of magazines, he’s never pushed to be taken seriously. His focus is simply on pushing himself to improve.

The subject of his portfolio is his own undeniably adorable 5 year old daughter who he dresses-up to mimic characters from famed classical artworks. The project initiated as a fun means of teaching her the value of art and history. His work has now expanded to include straight portraits, however all the while the heart of his effort remains on honing his own skills and techniques. The results are breathtaking.
In his blog he gives photography information about various technical setups and processes behind his creations, so it's worth browsing if you want inspiration for a creative take on parent-child bonding time. He also gives updates on some of the critical acclaim he has receiving, (which in case you're wondering, is rather a lot).
Since the beginning of this year, Gekas seems to have gone viral¯. His images are on magazine covers and throughout newspapers all over the world. Clearly he's doing something special! But has all this success made it into his head? Not at all. He writes on his blog, "I'm quite fortunate to be in a position where I can afford to shoot for myself and the occasional client that gives me complete creative freedom without any timing or creative pressures". With this attitude he's managed to sustain his photograph as apassion, not a "profession". 


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