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The Sweetest Chocolate Factories Around the World

Hold on tight to your golden ticket, as we channel Willy Wonka, and show your family the most decadent and mouth-watering chocolate museums across the globe, renowned for turning beans to bars.

1. Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum

Cologne, Germany

Perched on the Rhine River, this magnificent building looks impressive but it is inside where the true glory lies. You probably never realised how much history is behind the sweet treat. In the Schokoladenmusem, your family will be whisked past machines that grind out chocolate bars, and peer in on a tropicarium, the glass house where the lush cacao trees grow. See different historical vessels used for drinking the melted down chocolate, intricate moulds and the main event, a three-metre-high chocolate fountain.


2. ChocoMuseo

Cusco, Peru

Where better to have a chocolate museum, than in one of the most fruitful spots for growing cacao beans: Peru. In the small but mighty ChocoMuseo, the kids can get involved in a chocolate-making workshop, learn about the entire chocolate-making process, sip on a steamy hot chocolate in the cosy cafe and peruse the prized gift shop.


3. Hersheys Chocolate World

Pennsylvania, USA

Satisfy your inner chocolate enthusiast and your children’s passion too at Hersheys Chocolate World: one of the most iconic chocolate brands. It’s more than just a museum, as Hershey’s Chocolate World will take you on a ride through the history of chocolate. After the tour, become a connoisseur as you create your own candy bars, and get your tastebuds tingling as you jump into their chocolate tasting experience.


4. Museu de la Xocolata

Barcelona, Spain

This former monastery turned museum of happiness houses sculptures made entirely from chocolate. You and your family will learn about the history of chocolate in Europe, and gauge how the sticky treat is more than just a late afternoon snack, but a commodity to bridge the gap between cultures. Embark on a journey, paying visit to the origins of chocolate, and witnessing the power of the bar, as something to the worshipped. In that sense, not much has changed.


5. The Chocolate Museum

New Brunswick, Canada

Simple in name, The Chocolate Museum radiates an aroma of classic chocolate-making. The traditional methods of chocolate production in Ganong are instilled in this museum, and passed to the visitors exploring within the walls. Interactive activities are provided as education and entertainment are fused. Not to mention free samples are provided throughout the tour. All you can eat chocolate; how can you resist?

6. Perugina Chocolate Factory

San Sisto, Italy

Just when you thought you and your kids have eaten enough free chocolate at The Chocolate Museum in Canada, in steps the Italian contender; Italy’s most famous chocolatier and home of the Baci kiss. Before the tour begins, a sample of the chocolate is provided. Follow the scent of roasting cacao beans as you’re led through the production floor. The Perugina Chocolate Factory explores a mix of the Italian chocolate tradition and modernity of current chocolate production. Informative meets delicious, it is perfect for kids of all ages.

7. Choco-Story

Uxmal, Mexico

Choco-Story engages visitors in an interactive tour, where your family will take part in the chocolate journey. You'll gain insight into how the Mayans lived, their relationship to the decadent treat as well as watching the transformation of cocoa to chocolate in the Mayan world. Taste chocolate the way the Mayans prepared it. Located near the Temple of Uxmal, the museum is brimming with history and sweet scents.

8. World of Chocolate Museum and Cafe

Orlando, USA

Journey through the World of Chocolate Museum and Cafe, led by real chocolate connoisseurs as you learn how chocolate is made, are shown samples from across the world, and put them to the taste test. Stand in chocolate awe as you gaze at handcrafted chocolate sculptures, each representing a different chocolate region. The only bad thing about the museum? Trying to decide which taste is your family's favourite.

You've made it through the list and have inevitably experienced death by chocolate. Now it's time to go out and live the museum experiences, or at the very least, pick up your favourite sweet treat from your local chocolatier.


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