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Sorrento Beach

Great family beaches in Perth

Perth, Western Australia

Whenever I travel abroad and visit a beach, Iím reminded that what I have back home around Perth is really something special.

Wherever you hit the Perth coast, we have long white sand beaches in each direction, the spray of the Indian Ocean (and the idea of looking far across it to Africa!), and very often, not another person to be seen.

My son and I visit the beach all year round, though our favourite time is winter. Rugged up a little and with a few buckets, spades, and toy vehicles, he can stay for hours. In summer, to be honest, it can be a little too hot, but the water always cools us down and he likes that there is often an ice cream truck nearby.

Every Perth family will have their own favourite beaches but here are a few we have tried and tested well enough to heartily recommend.

Hillarys Marina Beach


There are a couple of options near the Hillarys Boat Harbour. The kidsí beach within the marina has a playground and gentle, shallow water, and there is usually a bunch of other kids to play with. Just south of the marina, the beach is really wide and has picnic and barbecue areas above and plenty of parking.

If youíre south of the river then there are plenty of gorgeous beaches in the Fremantle area. My son likes them all because, being close to the harbour, you can often see container ships chugging out to sea. My personal favourite is Bathers Beach not just because itís fairly calm there but because itís where we often end up if weíve been playing tourist in Fremantle. Itís right near Fremantleís famous Round House and easy to get to if weíre showing friends around.

Yanchep Lagoon Beach

Cottesloe Beach is probably one of Perthís most photographed beaches, and itís also one of the rarer Perth beaches that has restaurants, cafes and other infrastructure adjacent. If youíre a Perth visitor without a car, itís also easy to reach by train. But the reason my son and I love it is our annual visit there for the Sculpture by the Sea exhibit, held in March each year.

When I was a kid, Yanchep north of Perth was a weekend holiday destination, but urban sprawl has reined it in to be part of suburbia, and better roads means heading up to the Yanchep Lagoon beach is a very worthwhile proposition. A reef makes the waters really protected and theyíve recently upgraded parking as well. If youíre from out of town you can head to the Yanchep National Park after to check out the koalas.

Amanda Kendle is a born and bred Perth girl who loves to hang around with her rubbish-truck-loving four-year-old son. Amanda has lived and worked abroad in Asia and Europe and has been blogging about her travels at home and abroad for almost a decade at Not A Ballerina.

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