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Halloween on deck with Carnival Line Cruises

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Looking for a different, spooktacular way to entertain the family this Halloween? On board Carnival Cruise Line’s locally-based ships Carnival Spirit and Carnival Legend, there’s fun for everyone to enjoy.

From pumpkin carving, costume parties to Scary Cheesecakes, Brain Jelly Moulds and deadly cocktails for the parents, Carnival Cruise vice president Jennifer Vandekreeke, gives out the best tips to make Aussies enjoy this holiday to the fullest, whether you’ll be floating at open sea or trading tricks for treats on land. But where did Halloween come from? A while ago, before kids started dressing up like ghosts, witches and Ninja Turtles, yelling trick or treat in front of terrorific customised houses, the festivity of Halloween had quite a different approach. Some believe that All Hallows Eve or Halloween began within the Celtic culture in the festival of Samhain, where people believed that on the last night of October, the dead would return in forms of ghosts bringing evil and mischief to the land of the living.


Others consider that Halloween finds its origins in Scotland in the 1800s, with the tradition of guising, where people dressed up in costumes and in exchange of food, wine or money, beggars would sing songs, recite poetry and pray for the souls of the dead. Celts would also consider the end of October to be the end of the year and November the start of a new one. Almost 2000 years after this tradition started, Halloween is now the second most commercial festivity after Christmas. Just in America, people spend over seven billion dollars annually in products such as candy, costumes and decorations. Regardless of who invented what, in the 21st century, October means lollies, playing dress-ups, Michael Jackson’s famous ‘Thriller’ and spider webs.


Carnival Cruise Line understands how important Halloween can be not only for the little ones but for grown-ups who also feel the need to dress up and immerse themselves in a land of magic, spooks and sugary indulgence. And yes, why not? We all love candy and this is a perfect occasion to break one or two dietary restrictions. So if you find yourself on board Carnival Spirit, after a nice dinner at the Nouveau Restaurant, Bonsai Sushi Bar or any of the multiple culinary options available on the ship’s deck, don’t forget to keep an eye on the pastries which are to die for. If cruising is not on your plans this Halloween but you still want to show your skills in the kitchen, then check out Carnival Cruises’ amazing tips to create a delicious, homemade Scary Cheesecake or a Chocolate Pumpkin Pate and knock the socks off your family and friends!


If you are still debating on what costume to choose, the options are endless. From fairytale characters to goblins, hobbits, witches, zombies or princesses from ‘Frozen’, the sky is the limit! Try couple costumes like Gomez and Morticia Adams, Frankenstein and his bride or a gruesome zombie bride and groom. If you’re flying solo, try the Chucky Doll costume, Dracula or even Beetlejuice. Once costume and makeup is set and done, take your candy bag and hit the streets! Make the little ones earn their treats by asking them for a little show before they get their candy; on board Carnival Cruises little monsters very often get asked to show their best zombie walk, their scariest witch’s laugh or give their best werewolf growl.