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Scale new heights on the Gold Coast

Have a Laugh on Me explores Clip ‘n Climb on the northern end of the Gold Coast; the perfect experience for energetic kids in the school holidays.

If rock climbing is something your kids love or always wanted to try, Clip ‘n Climb on the northern end of the Gold Coast is totally worth a visit. It’s located in the Game Over facility in Oxenford; a massive indoor centre that’s also home to Go Karting, Laser Tag and a variety of other indoor activities.

Fit 'n' Fun

For my daughter’s ninth birthday, instead of a party she chose to have a day of activities with her bestie and at the top of the adventure list was Clip ‘n Climb. There are no height restrictions but climbers must be aged 4 and over and have a reasonable level of fitness and strength.

What’s so fabulous about this facility is that the kids are getting active and engaging their core strength while tackling 16 uniquely themed challenges. Set across 270sqm, the climbing pit is 1.2metres below the indoor Go Karting circuit so it’s not as noisy as you’d imagine considering it’s located in a shared space.

“What’s so fabulous about this facility is that the kids are getting active and engaging their core strength.”

Safety first ...

Each climb has an automatic belay device to make climbing safe and exciting. Kids have to learn how to clip on and off before each climb and while it can take a little getting used to; older kids soon get the hang of it. For younger ones you might have to help them to start and end each climb.

There are walls where kids can race each other to press a button at the top and dual challenges where friends can scale heights side-by-side. Other types of walls include commando style, city lights, ropes, skyscraper, spaghetti junction and the traditional variety. What’s great is that if kids fall off the walls then they are caught by the automatic belay device and can try again.


Stairway to Heaven

Don’t be surprised if after a few attempts your child gets frustrated and moves on to another enticing wall that is equally as tough! Some are harder than they look but there is a range of difficulty levels, and you’ll be able to help decipher which ones are best for your little climber.

My daughter and her friend were brave enough to try the Stairway to Heaven; this is basically a giant set of stairs up to great height. Once at the top they glided safely down thanks using the automatic belay device and were both very pleased with themselves.

While we didn’t include the Leap of Faith in our package, this is an 8m leap from a pole to a monkey bar or floating punching-bag type piece of equipment. Not for the fainted hearted, but it looks like a great way to build confidence!


What to expect ...

A qualified member of staff is on hand to help and ours was very helpful and friendly. The arena can accommodate 30 people per session, with sessions starting on the hour every hour. You can even host birthday parties here and it makes a fun alternative to parties in the park or at your house.

Don’t forget closed in shoes, minimal jewellery, shorts or pants instead of a skirts or dresses and most importantly a sense of adventure! Get more details here.


When former journalist Emily Toxward isn't wrangling her three kids she's juggling the demands of writing and failing fabulously at being a domestic goddess. A writer for 20 years, she's always on the go and looking for an adventure. She lives on the Gold Coast, the ocean is her happy place and she keeps parenting real on her blog Have A Laugh On Me.

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