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Queensland Museum, Brisbane

If you’ve ever wanted to put your child’s head on a platter, then the Sciencentre at the Queensland Museum is the place for you!

The Queensland Museum, located at South Bank in Brisbane, is free to explore and is worth doing so because there’s a lot of interesting exhibitions and relics of history to read about. Kids will get a kick out of seeing a shark and giant squid suspended in a large glass case filled with water. They’ll also be impressed at the thousands of stuffed animals, birds, insects and butterflies as well as snakes, spiders and other creepy crawlies.

Once the kids have whizzed through this, the older ones might take more time to read up on the animals, it’s up to the Sciencentre on level one where interactive exhibitions explore the role of science in our everyday lives. A family pass is $44.50* and includes two adults and up to four kids.

There’s something to amuse the simplest and smartest of minds, including activities that teach children about gravity, space, time and weight. My kids got a massive laugh out of the mirrors that made them tall, short and wide, and my seven-year-old daughter loved running the 10m track that had a beep to start and a timer to record her speed.

Children can making beach balls soar in the air, use their hands to light up a plasma ball, make music, spin themselves silly and even attempt to lift their parents! What I adore about this part of the museum is that noise is accepted and that the touching of the exhibits is actually encouraged. Truth be told I also get a kick out of seeing my children’s head on a platter; you have to love a good illusion. During the school holidays there are live science shows but during the school term they are only held on the weekends. We timed it just right to attend a Balloon Show and two of my children volunteered to help with experiments. One of them even got to work with dry ice thanks to use of protective wear and a friendly and encouraging presenter. Being able to watch a mini-hydrogen explosion was the best part of the day for my five-year-old!

All areas of the museum are pram and wheelchair friendly and outside there’s a big area where you can have a seat, a snack, get some fresh air and let the kids watch an educational sing song. If you’re like me you’ll need a caffeine or sugar hit after dragging three rambunctious kids around a museum and thankfully there’s a cafe at ground level, just beware of the whale!

*correct at time of publication.

When she’s not wrangling her three children, aged 3, 5 and 7, Gold Coaster and professional writer Emily Toxward (Have A Laugh On Me) juggles work, cooking for fussy children and parent helping at school. Escaping to the beach is her idea of paradise and writing about the trials and tribulations of life in an honest and often humorous way is her way of staying sane!

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