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The Best Doughnuts in Brisbane

Donuts are reaching a ‘hole’ new level – whether they’re loaded with half a jar of Nutella or a plant based pretzel topped vegan salted caramel version, a Nodo gluten free pumpkin maple spice gingerbread crumble offering or the good old fresh variety dunked in cinnamon and sugar.

In the name of research, Lucinda and I decided to road test one of the newest contenders in town to compare and contrast of course.

Miss Two’s eyes were popping out of her head before we’d even crossed the street. The metre tall ice cream and wall of donuts was enticing her like a moth to a flame. ‘We go there mama?’ What had I gotten myself into?

It wasn’t ice cream that we were there for, but donuts. I did promise donuts, partially to avert a tantrum and partially because I had been wanting to visit Donut Time and Mr Fitz since their first outlet opened earlier in the year and I kept seeing friends posting Instagram pictures of ridiculously calorific donuts, as well as loaded milkshakes and ice cream sandwiches.


Donut Time have locations across Brisbane and the Gold Coast, as well as Sydney and Melbourne stores. The new East Brisbane location is built into the wall of the new Mr Fitz Ice cream parlour, with its sorbet pink and mint green exterior you can't miss it as you’re driving down Lytton Road.

Standing at the shop window and Lucinda was bugging out at the options at her fingertips, as expected she went for the most colourful option, glazed with vanilla and covered in mini M&Ms, yum, while I opted for a low gluten salted caramel ring of deliciousness.

Between trying to snap the perfect pic and laughing at Lucy’s face covered with a rainbow of melted M&M’s colours I practically inhaled my light and fluffy donut while Luce was more meticulous in her demolition. The cool part of the excursion was that the shop itself is as much of an attraction as the sweet treat. The styling is a fun nod to the 50s and almost like stepping back in time.

To her credit Lucinda didn’t finish the whole donut (which was honestly half the size of her head anyway) and wanted to save some for later. Her eye was on the next part of our excursion, the conveniently located Mowbray Park across the road… the perfect place to run off the sugar!

I love this playground for a few reasons, the equipment itself has a nautical theme; there’s a boat, a balance board to ‘walk the plank’ there’s a large viewing deck with a wheel to steer and a lookout and heaps more to keep the little ones busy. The location on the Brisbane river is stunning and if you want to meander along the banks there’s a beautiful path in both directions. And lastly the proximity to donuts and ice cream, enough said.

If this sparks an appetite for donuts and you fancy some more exploration in search of Brisbane’s best I thoroughly recommend the Gluten Free Nodo Donuts at Tenerife, and Vegan Donut Saturdays at Charlie’s Raw Squeeze who also have locations across the city.


The guide books will tell you there are over 100 species of Australian animals at Lone Pine, honestly we might have seen half of them in the five or six times we’ve visited but we have whole heartedly enjoyed each trip.

The great thing for Brisbane locals is that a yearly pass is only $70 or currently $56 on sale for an Adult and kids under 3 are free so we don’t feel bad cutting and running when it’s nap time or the excitement gets all too much. Other favourites are the wombats which Lucy thinks look like our French Bulldog Coda, the guinea pigs and chicks in the barnyard, the sheep dog and shearing show and the lorikeet feeding. Next on our agenda is to catch the Tasmanian devils and the Platypus, and no doubt feed and cuddle some more kangaroos!

In a former life Amy Peel was a footloose and fancy free TV Producer travelling Australia and abroad. Now with the addition of toddler Lucinda Louise into the mix the adventures continues but life has well and truly changed. Follow the fun on Instagram @mumapeel or start Chasing Amy.

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