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Private islands for every budget

Those who think that only millionaires can afford a private island should keep reading.

Most of us associate the words private islands with white beaches, palm trees, a clear blue ocean and a minimum rental price of €20.000 a week. Nothing could be further from the truth. In Europe alone there are dozens of private islands that you can rent for the same price as a holiday in France. No white beaches or palm trees, but a unique and relaxing holiday, surrounded by an astonishing view.

Burguillo island, Spain

This Spanish private island, located a one-hour drive from Madrid, is an oasis of independence. Burguillo Island is a spectacular two hectares of vineyards, fruit trees and a pineapple forest, situated in the Burguillo Natural Park.

The island is completely walled, with three doors giving you access to the beach. “The Castle” is located on the island, which is a unique six-bedroom property.

The beach and the surrounding area offers a lot of possibilities, like walking, water sports, boat trips, or just sunbathing on your own private beach. For a total price of €2500 a week, you can enjoy this unique private island which has a total capacity of 10 persons.

Coz Castel, France

Coz Castel, located at the 'Côte de Granit Rose’ in de Cotes d'Armor, is an ideal place to spend your holiday in Bretagne. Coz Castel is a quiet and reserved place and is ideal for a holiday amongst friends or family.

The island is situated 200m from the main land and is reachable by car during low tide. Coz Castel is twice a day, during high tide, completely surrounded by water for about 2 to 3 hours. The total rental price for one week is just €1000.

Vuokatti Island, Finland

The amazing Villa Fregatti, located on this Finnish private island, is equipped with three bedrooms, a sauna, whirlpool, fireplace and headed terrace. There is also a special houseboat which you can rent. This is one of Europe's more expensive islands, with a total rental price of $10.000 a week.

The Spanish island Tagomago is, with a price of about $20.000 a day, even more expensive. But it does come with its own helicopter.


Swedish sustainable island

This unique island concept offers corporate and leisure groups an exclusive experience. During your stay you spend your nights in one of seven high-tech tents that combine nature with a modern Scandinavian interior.

The island is located in the Swedish Archipelago, a spectacular maritime world with about 24.000 small and large islands - only a few thousand of which are actually inhabited. Relax in the whirlpool, by the fire place or with a barbecue. This private island experience is tailor made, brimming with wining and dining delights.

Prisnjak, Croatia

The private island of Prisnjak is located 300m off the West coast of the island Murter. The lighthouse was built in 1886 to help navigate the skippers. Now, it is open for rent for just €280 for 3 nights. You can scuba-dive, fish or explore the surrounding islands throughout your stay.

Europe offers many more private island holidays. At you can find nearly 25 in 8 countries.


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