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Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors

As the weather begins to warm up, our native Australian animals begin to move. They’re out and about looking for water, a friend for mating season and adolescents from last season are becoming more confident in their exploring.

This also means there are sadly, even more patients being admitted to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. Since opening its doors in 2004 in memory of Steve Irwin’s mum Lyn, the hospital has admitted over 70,000 patients.

Crawling, slithering and flying natives are all given the best of care at the hospital, where the aim is to treat and release all patients. The team works around the clock to nurse our most vulnerable back to health.

Australia Zoo Koala

Everyone can see the brilliant work the vets, nurses, caretakers and volunteers do when visiting Australia Zoo. A behind the scenes Sneak Peek is available for a small donation, where you are privy to the hospital theatre and triage check up areas. Delve even further into the workings of the hospital with a guided tour where you’ll be allowed behind the ‘staff only’ doors.

You might see gorgeous little animals with tiny casts for broken limbs, babies in humidicribs and recovering natives in makeshift eucalyptus trees – it will leave these vulnerable parts of our environment and the work the hospital team does in your heart forever.

There are many reasons our native wildlife can end up in Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and there are plenty of ways we can help reduce the numbers. Whether it be a young orphan, car strike, pet attack, fishing tackle or they’re simply in a strange area, our vets won’t turn away any native in need.

How you can help save our wildlife:

Pay careful attention to the sides of the roads, particularly at night and around forestry areas

Make sure your pets are secured

Don’t leave behind any rubbish, particularly fishing tackle and line

What if you do find an injured animal?

If it’s safe and the animal is calm, use a towel and box to rescue it and take it to your nearest wildlife hospital

If you’re not comfortable rescuing the animal, keep an eye on it and call Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital rescue hotline on 1300 369 652

For more, head to

Australia Zoo Koala

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