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Tatsuo Miyajimar

Tatsuo Miyajima’s Connect With Everything exhibition at the MCA

Beat The Heat In Sydney

Five places to entertain the kids and keep cool

It’s looking like a hot, hot, hot summer is coming to Sydney! Locals and visitors alike will enjoy these fun and educational experiences in the city centre that will give kids plenty to do while keeping cool.

The playground darling quarter

Darling Quarter playground

1. The Darling Quarter Playground

Head straight for the water section of this gorgeous playground located right in the heart of Sydney. Kids can try their hand at the pump station, cooling down with one of 26 water jets, spinning the water wheel for splashtacular fun, or having a go at the Archimedes water screw. The playground has partial cover over some play features, clean bathroom facilities and shaded rest areas. Use the Darling Quarter Wilson car park or catch the train to Town Hall and walk.

2. Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Sea Life’s new penguin expedition is open! What better way to cool down than taking a boat ride through the sub-Antarctic environment at six degrees Celsius to meet a colony of King and Gentoo Penguins? The new exhibition is included in general admission prices. The aquarium can get very popular and busy in summer, so book online to both save money and time.

Australian Museum

Spiders, Alive & Deadly at the Australian Museum

3. Australian National Maritime Museum

This summer, kids can explore the depths of the ocean with the return of the museum’s Voyage to the Deep exhibition. Based on French author Jules Verne’s 1870 classic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the exhibition is an immersive way for kids to explore first-hand the adventures of Captain Nemo, his submarine Nautilus and the wonders of the deep blue sea. The exhibition is aimed at kids under 12 and is bound to be popular. Book your tickets online to avoid the queues.

4. Australian Museum

The oldest museum in Australia has a creepy, crawly exhibition on display this summer that will give the whole family a thrill. Spiders, Alive & Deadly features over 400 real spider specimens, including deadly funnel-webs. There’s plenty for kids to experience up close, such as live spider milking at the Venom Lab and walking through a cave crawling with spiders (don’t worry, they’re digitally projected, so even the tiny ones won’t be scared!). Another popular museum over summer, book your tickets online to avoid the queues.

5. Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Experience an immersive light show over the holidays at Tatsuo Miyajima’s first exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere at the MCA. Kids will be mesmerised by the large-scale works that incorporate light and numbers. On weekends, take kids to the free dedicated Tatsuo Miyajima: Family Space to engage in art activities related to the exhibition.

Australia museum

Image courtesy of Visit Finland

Christine Knight writes about navigating the world and parenthood on her site, Adventure, Baby!. You can find her sampling gelato and cake around the world with her preschooler, or building sandcastles at the beach in her home town of Sydney.

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