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Bounce has kids jumping for joy

Emily Toxward relives her childhood as she takes her kids to Bounce, an indoor trampoline extravaganza!

Some of my best memories as a kid were learning to do tricks on our trampoline. We didnít have fancy pads to protect us from the pinch of springs or nets to stop us from falling off but that didnít stop us from spending hours trying to do a back-flip.

During the last week of the school holidays I promised the kids a trip to Bounce, a massive indoor trampoline park in Robina, Gold Coast. I was prepared for chaos considering the timing but was pleasantly surprised at how organised it was. Itís not just a free for all, there are strict rules and each session is an hour long with kids of all ages giving it a go.

My 5 and 7-year-old were so excited to put on their special Bounce grip socks; theyíre compulsory, only cost $2 and yours to keep for your next visit. Of course I couldnít let the kids have all the fun and I was determined to join in, although Iím not exactly gifted with co-ordination so I must have looked quite a sight leaping about like an ungainly frog!

Linda, the manager, told me that 10 minutes of bouncing was equivalent to 30 minutes on the treadmill so itís no wonder the kids were starting to get puffed after about 20 minutes. We had a few drinks breaks and the venue offers refreshments for kids and those parents who are smarter than I and are just spectators.

My two had an absolute ball and were like kids in a candy store, they couldnít decide on what they wanted to try next. There is wall-running, dodge ball, slam-dunk areas and the hugely popular giant air bags. Basically the kids jump along a runway and at the end can leap into a massive puff ball Ė so much fun!

There are 50 interconnected trampolines and the biggest rule is that thereís to be no double bouncing, that means only one person on a tramp at any one time. At first I wondered how it was possible to achieve this but there are safety staff monitoring and reminding jumpers to be safe and everything runs like clockwork.

While itís a fun trip for young kids, Bounce is also hugely popular with teens involved in athletics, gymnastics and others sports because itís a fun place to get fit and have a work-out. They even host parties and fitness classes, ladies donít forget your bras and to do those kegels! This free-jumping Mecca gets a big thumbs up from me and is definitely a fabulous place to wear the kids out, no matter what their age.

Emily Toxward - Have A Laugh On Me
When sheís not wrangling her three children, aged 3, 5 and 7, Gold Coaster and professional writer Emily Toxward juggles work, cooking for fussy children and parent helping at school. Escaping to the beach is her idea of paradise and writing about the trials and tribulations of life in an honest and often humorous way is her way of staying sane!

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