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Disney Cruise

5 Reasons To Take A Disney Cruise

Family travel doesnít get much cruisier than on a giant boat where all your whims are catered for. Itís the perfect way to unwind with the ocean breeze in your face and enjoy quality time with the kids in the most relaxing place possible. Find out below why sailing aboard a Disney cruise should be on your family travel wish list.

1. Itís all inclusive

There is literally nothing better than spending your entire day not worrying about how much everything costs. A Disney cruise is almost 100% inclusive - you do pay extra for alcohol, a few cafes and a small amount of tipping at the end, but you can generally spend your day not spending an extra cent.

2. Get treated like a celebrity

Disney sure know how to make their customers feel valuable. On a Disney cruise every single guest gets the special treatment with staff going to great lengths to make you feel like cruising royalty. They will remember your name, your dietary requirements, interests and go out of their way to ensure your stay is as perfect as possible.

3. The kids are happy

From Mickey Mouse-shaped pools to endless soft serve, kid-friendly movies played in the cinema and the most incredible kidsí club imaginable, itís safe to say that a Disney cruise is paradise for kids. And you know what they say - when the kids are happy, everyoneís happy!

4. See the world

Letís not forget that cruises are a means of transportation to exotic destinations around the globe! Taking a Disney cruise is a great way of experiencing places that are otherwise difficult to get to, especially with kids. Our cruise took us to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, St Thomas in the American Virgin Islands and Castaway Cay, in the Bahamas. Paradise!

5. Itís all Mickey, all the time

For lovers of Disney, these cruises are just paradise. Crow with Peter Pan, sit down to tea with princesses and swashbuckle with Captain Hook. For the young and young-at-heart, If you love all things Disney, then this is the place for you.

Disney Cruise
Christine Knight writes about navigating the world and parenthood on her site, Adventure, Baby!. You can find her sampling gelato and cake around the world with her preschooler, or building sandcastles at the beach in her home town of Sydney.

Disney cruise


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