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What if your childhood Disney favourites were hipsters?

It’s a weird and wonderful world we live in – particularly considering the current penchant the ‘youth of today’ have for hand-me-down skinny jeans, thick-framed glasses, vintage cameras, beards and maroon beanies. For those unaware, the trend is termed ‘Hipster’.

Imagine for a moment just how different things would be if your (or your children’s) favourite animated characters were brought up in this modern world? Would they get ironic tattoos? Would they have sprouted an unruly amount of facial hair? Would they spend their days reading Kafka and drinking long blacks by the litre?

DesignCrowd, a virtual design studio, wanted to get a more tangible vision of this idea, so they launched a contest calling upon their creative online army of over 400,000 designers.

They asked for designers to recreate famous Disney characters... as hipsters. Here are some of the submissions that came in:


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