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Top 10 Easter Show Showbags 2014

Oh yes, the highlight of every kid’s Sydney Royal Easter Show day are returning... Showbags. Keep reading to find out how you could win your family one of EIGHT free family passes to the show.

As home time beckons, they hold onto reserve energy for that moment when they step into the Showbag Pavillion. Then, pandemonium breaks loose. You cling to their hand as not to lose them in the sea of parents, in turn attempting to suss out the 336 different showbags on offer. Here is where having your Showbag goals already pre set comes in handy.

With 28 new showbags in 2014, there’s plenty for little ones to get excited by. Of course, there are still the token favourites like the Bertie Beetle, Warheads and Wonka options. While this year’s Peppa Pig and Skylanders Swap Force showbags will provide lasting entertainment with themed stationery and backpacks.

The Top 10 showbags in 2014 are a varied bunch, each one sure to keep kids happy without breaking the bank:

  • The Wiggles ($25)
  • Monopoly ($25)
  • Nestle Show Stopper ($10)
  • Peppa Pig ($25)
  • Tiny Teddy ($13)
  • Elmo ($25)
  • Play Doh ($22)
  • Hubba Bubba ($5)
  • Coca-Cola Backpack ($25)
  • Darrell Lea Pig Out Bag ($18)

A full list of showbags, as well as information on the attractions and how to get to the event, can be found on the Sydney Royal Easter Show's official website:

Note: Parents aren’t left out in the goody options. We recommend you look out for the NRL State of Origin, Darrell Lea, Athletics, and A Little Luxury offerings.

For those on a tighter budget, the show is proud to announce that 127 showbags are $10 or under – Cadbury Dairy Milk, Super Hillier’s Flip the Tree Frog, Wagon Wheel, Twisties Regular and Gag Magic included! Be sure to check out the online wish list (complete with budget tool) where your kids can pick what they want ahead of time, making sure they stick within your approved means.

The Sydney Royal Easter Show runs from 10 April to 23 April and we have EIGHT Family Passes to give away! Be sure to enter here for your chance to win!


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