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9 Tips for a Family Road Trip

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Pack up your bags and get the wheels rolling.

With kilometres of open road and a backseat full of kids, family road trips are both an exciting adventure and a challenge. But, if you keep in mind these secrets to success, your open road travels are sure to go off without a hitch.

1. Create an overall checklist
Develop a checklist of what needs to be done and packed before your trip even begins. Things will flow significantly smoother and it will help keep you from forgetting the necessities. Plus, once you’ve created a solid list, you can save it and re-use it for the many family road trips to come!

2. Check your car
Ensuring your car is in good working order is crucial; after all, no one wants a malfunction or flat tyre to affect their trip and leave them stranded. A car check-up at the local service station – which includes brakes, tiyres, transmission, belts and oil – leads to safe, problem-free truckin’.

3. Have a good packing method
Strategically pack so that all the essentials are within your reach. A backpack stocked with first aid, sanitiser, wipes and plastic bags help make on the road surprises less stressful, while small, individual bags for each passenger with toiletries, spare travel clothes and items to suit their needs means less roadside mayhem.

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4. Plan your route
Granted there is always some fun in unpredictability when hitting the highway with a car full of kids, but a little structure doesn’t hurt, especially for longer journeys. A general routine and route with designated pit stops can help time pass and give the kiddies a general idea of the remaining duration, keeping the are-we-there-yets to a minimum.

5. Have an early start
Setting out bright and early makes for a more peaceful start with minimal traffic. Parents can enjoy a warm cup of coffee as the hues of the sunrise start to take form, while the little ones cuddle up and settle back to sleep.

6. Pack food for the trip
Avoid temptations and skip the drive-through every now and then. Stock up on healthy, mess-free munchies for the whole family to enjoy to prevent fast-food energy crashes and potential sick tummies.

 Family Road Trip Pexels

7. Have fun with car games
Travel apps and movies can be a godsend when travelling with children; however, this is also the perfect opportunity for screen-free entertainment and family bonding. Get creative, and help your kids discover more imaginative ways to amuse themselves, whether its arts and crafts or car games.

8. Book ahead
Do a bit of research and book overnight stays ahead of time. Exploring your options prior lets you avoid the hassle of trying to pin down accommodation the day of and booked-out lodging during peak holiday periods.

9. Enjoy the ride
The journey is truly just as important as the destination, so don’t rush. Embrace the road and natural surrounds, and allow enough time to take in all the sights along the way. It’s all part of the adventure!

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