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Together We Roam

Top 7 things to do on Fraser Island

As rated by kids

Escape to World Heritage-listed Fraser Island where dingoes roam, fresh water creeks flow and powder white sand squeaks between little toes. Here are our kids top 7 things to do on Fraser Island:

Together We RoamTogether We Roam

1. Float down Eli Creek
“Race you to the top!” cried the kids as they scampered back along the boardwalk for another float down Eli Creek. The gentle flowing stream is fed by a freshwater spring and releases a staggering 4 million litres of water into the ocean hourly. The kids could not get enough of drifting along the creek through pandanus plants and overhanging paperbark trees.

2. Play at Lake Birrabeen
“The sand is smoother and there’s more space to play” was the reason why kids put Lake Birrabeen ahead of the more famous Lake Mckenzie.

Both lakes share the same soft white silica sand, only Lake Birrabeen has hues of emerald green in place of the sky blue water of Lake McKenzie. Beauty comes at a price and Lake McKenzie’s beach is well trodden with busloads of tourists spilling onto its pristine shores. Lake Birrabeen remains the locals favourite; it’s just as beautiful, quieter and less coveted with a better chance of having the lake to yourself.

Together We Roam

3. Go on a 4WD adventure Driving a high clearance 4WD on the largest sand island in the world is a huge adventure for the kids, filled with bumps, dips and tight corners.

Surprisingly there were no cries of “Are we there yet?” The kids were happy traversing the inland tracks, spotting scribbly gum as they ambled past rainforests of tall Satinay trees and watch waves lapping the shores of Seventy-Five Mile Beach, the island’s gazetted highway. Having your own 4WD provides freedom to carve your own itinerary and go at your own pace to places that are off the beaten path.

4. Spot dingoes Watch kids faces light up as they spot Fraser Island’s dingoes, the purest strain of dingoes in Australia. These wild animals are best admired with parents from afar.

5. Swim at beautiful Lake McKenzie Swim in one of the most beautiful natural pools in the world, where the water is collected from raindrops.

Lake McKenzie’s pure white sand is so fine it squeaks between little toes and the water so pure and clear that no creepy crawlies can live in it. The kids love it for it’s shallow sandy beach devoid of strong currents or choppy waves. And best of all, the fresh water means eyes are free from saltwater stings.

6. Splash in a resort pool Resort pools have a magnetic attraction for kids and are ideal to stem any boredom whilst waiting for the right tide conditions. Both Eurong Beach Resort and Kingfisher Bay Resort have inviting lagoon pools with spas - perfect for a dip after a day exploring Fraser Island.

7. Ferry back with a cat Ride the Wanggoolba Creek Ferry with a resident ferry cat by the name of Flinders.

Together We RoamTogether We Roam

Together we roam's Rene Young has travelled to 70 countries. When the Brisbane based blogger is not discovering Brisbane's street art, exploring Queensland or roaming the world with her five-year old son and three-year old daughter, she can be found indulging her love of reality TV.

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