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Paired with the latest release of 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug' on Boxing Day last year, has compiled some of its most Hobbit-esque hotel escapes for excited Tolkien fans. Old and young alike a sure to find a treasure trove of holiday joy in any of these unique getaway homes.

Nothofagus Hotel & Spa
Puerto Fuy, Chile

Surrounded by picturesque mountains, this hotel spans skyward, fitting naturally into the forest landscape. Featuring a spiraling internal central walkway and wooden walls and ceilings, this organic structure appears as if it has been constructed by the trolls of Trollshaw Forest. Keep all eyes on lookout for a mismatched band of wanderers as they avoid becoming dinner for a hungry troll!

Elkep Evi Cave Hotel
Central Antonia region, Turkey

Located within a short distance of the historic underground cities of Cappadocia, these unique rooms are built within the walls of a cave. But don’t worry; they certainly boast more creature comforts than the caves in which Bilbo first encountered Gollum.

New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel
Great Langdown, United Kingdom

Nestled amongst Shire-esque rolling green hills, this property, with it€s comfortable, homey interior would be a perfect real-life home for Hobbits. It€s the ideal location for a sleepy, back-to-basics retreat suiting those keen to find their inner-Hobbit. 

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