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7 tips to make adventure stress-free

With kids in tow, adventure travel can seem a little daunting. Use these handy hints, however, and all family members will be daring to try something outside your comfort zone.

1. Rise and shine

If you have a toddler, start your day early when they’re already itching to get out of the house. You're also less likely to encounter crowds and your tot can burn energy before their afternoon nap. Plan the rest of your day around their nap schedule and keep more traditionally relaxing activities for the afternoon.

2. Research is key

Know your destination and terrain. If you want to explore a national park, head online first and find out whether the trails are paved or dirt. That way you’ll know whether to pack a stroller or baby carrier – or both – and you’ll also be able to pick a suitable track for your timeframe and abilities.

3. Be flexible

Even if you’ve been planning your adventure for months, if you’re willing to call it quits when your child has had enough then you’ll save plenty of unnecessary tears and exhaustion (on everyone’s part). Embrace the day and go with the flow.

4. All aboard!

Let your child choose the activity. Just because it’s not your passion doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it together. Maybe you’ll find something you both love.

5. Encourage free play

Allowing your child to explore their natural surroundings is a great way to foster a love for the outdoors. So if you’re out hiking and have to stop to inspect leaves and ladybeetles every few metres, then so be it. Slow down and value the little things together. You can squeeze that gruelling jog in another time.

6. Dress for success

Children dressed comfortably for the weather and terrain will be happier in a new environment. Fact.

7. Know your families limits

You may want to stay out surfing all day, but if your tween is tired or the waves are becoming intimidating, call it quits and head back out tomorrow.

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