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The essence of summer in a bottle!

Joiy, the latest innovation in premium New Zealand sparkling wine, is the perfect drink for a casual summerís afternoon.

With naturally low alcohol content, delicate citrus flavours, shimmering bubbles and a playful, refreshing finish, Joiy can be served in a flute to let the bubbles dance or over ice in a tumbler with a twist of lemon. However, if you fancy experimenting, Joiy is the perfect foundation for a sumptuous cocktail and enchanting recipes to enjoy all year round (click here for some ideas

Itís crafted in the trusted hands of Chris Archer of Archer McRae Beverages, a man who has been an acclaimed winemaker in Australia, New Zealand and France for over 25 years.

Archer says that Joiy is quintessentially a ground-breaking drink putting a modern and stylish twist on a much-loved classic, ďThe soft bubbles make this delightfully aromatic drink a pleasure to experience. Joiy is about pushing the boundaries and enjoying something a little special every day.Ē

Joiy comes in a 250ml bottle which contains two standard drinks, ideal for the sophisticated drinker who can appreciate the fact that Joiy has no added acids, sugar or allergens. Itís also an ideal alternative for cider enthusiasts looking for another fresh sip to savour. This also makes it great for camping trips when youíre after a handy single-serve bottle to sip from.

We also imagine Joiy as the perfect option for an al fresco dinner with friends, with its bubbles cooling you down as you relish an impromptu garden party, topped off with a straw and a cheeky grin.


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