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Please help the Rees Hotel Queenstown save the Kea

Gilbert Rees is one of only 2000-3000 keas left in New Zealand and needs your help. As part of its environmental conservation initiative, The Rees Hotel Queenstown is helping to raise vital funds for the New Zealand Keas through the sale of its cute “Gilbert” mascots.

Keas are a unique, endangered parrot species and are the only alpine parrots in the world. Kea numbers have been declining in recent years with the introduction of rats and other predators to their environment plus their mischievous nature. Travelling in packs known as a ‘circus of kea’, the birds like to take the rubber seals from car windscreens or eat the lead nails from the back of country huts. This has led to the birds becoming extremely ill and can lead to poisoning and death if left untreated.

In conjunction with the Kiwi Birdlife Park, Kea Conservation Trust (KCT) and the Department of Conservation (DOC), The Rees Hotel will donate all proceeds from the sales of ‘Gilbert Kea’ towards the conservation of the wild kea still remaining in the Wakatipu Basin. This new initiative by The Rees Hotel continues an ongoing commitment to demonstrate leadership in its support of the local community and implementation of sustainable practices across all departments.

The mascots are on sale now at The Rees Hotel and will sell for $NZ15.00 each. Please take your own ‘Gilbert’ home or a “circus of kea” and help save this beautiful bird.

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