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Pre-schoolers great day out at Vivid!

Sydney's Festival of Lights

With a record number of installations this year, including suburban hotspots, there is more for the little ones to do at Sydney's Vivid festival than ever before.

The first stop on three-year-old Robert's day at Vivid is the Luminarium, described as a 'magical immersive experience' in a big underwater chamber like something out of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. With serious height restrictions on the door, only kids can enter and Robert gets suited up in his diving gear and helmet to join a tour with five other children. This really is exciting stuff! The tour guide encourages the kids to use their imagination as lights bring the installation to life.

After a magical mystery tour through the depths of the ocean, Robert and the other intrepid explorers emerge back into the shopping centre. "I saw a shark and an octopus," says Robert, who is a big fan of underwater creatures.

After a truly unique start to the day in Chatswood, the next stop on Robert's Vivid tour is the extraordinary new addition to Vivid at Taronga Zoo in Mosman. He is first at the gates at the opening time of 5.30pm and is absolutely gobsmacked by all the colourful lights he sees in the shape of his favourite animals. "I saw an elephant, a rhino and a crocodile, and I am eating chips now".

This is possibly even better for Robert than watching Madagascar I, II or III, or a trip to the circus, or a visit to McDonalds!

At the end of his tour through a zoo the likes of which he has never seen before, Robert is well and truly pooped and will certainly have some crazy, colourful dreams tonight.

How could Vivid possibly top this next year for its smallest fans? Robert is certainly excited to see!

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