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Queenstown Family Snow Holiday

Watching your kids touch snow for the first time is a marvellous feeling because they expect it to be warm and fluffy but instead itís hard, cold and very wet!

My husband and I grew up with snow and so we were adamant that our kids should be introduced to the stuff early on in life. Queenstown in New Zealand has to be one of the most picturesque places in the world to introduce children to the white stuff and Iím so glad this is where our kids first got to touch it. We have family that live close to Queenstown and at the top of our to-do list when we visited next was to make sure our kids got to frolic in snow, even if it wasnít of the powder variety. Waterproof clothes, boots, sunglasses and hats are must-have if youíre planning on spending a day on the slopes but if you just want the kids to touch the stuff then you can get away with just a change of clothes. I let my husband drive up Coronet Peak; itís a spectacular but narrow and steep road that isnít for the faint hearted. For those with a fear of heights I advise to keep your eyes straight ahead.

Once we arrived at the base of it, 1168 metres above sea level, the kids leaped out of the car and enthusiastically donned their boots, jackets and gloves even though they didnít think they would need them! What I love about Coronet Peak Base is that you donít have to pay to see snow and there is a selection of eateries from simple fare to more elegant dining. Taking care to avoid being knocked over my skiers and boarders hurtling down the slopes, we steered the kids to a spot with relatively untouched snow. You should have seen their eyes glisten with amazement as they plunged their wee hands in to the snow and gasp at how freezing it was.

Within seconds they were gathering up handfuls of the stuff and throwing it at each other. They licked it, threw it, smelled it and made snow angels; it was a sight that made me so happy. However, it didn’t take long until socks were soaked, shirts were chilled and it was time to get some warm food into our little adventurers. While they were frozen to the bone they were still happy and once they were in warm and dry clothes they slept the whole way down the mountain with contented looks beaming from their tired faces.

Emily Toxward - Have A Laugh On Me
When sheís not wrangling her three children, aged 3, 5 and 6, Gold Coaster and professional writer Emily Toxward juggles work, cooking for fussy children and parent helping at school. Escaping to the beach is her idea of paradise and writing about the trials and tribulations of life in an honest and often humorous way is her way of staying sane!

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