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Tyrannosaurus – Meet the Family

Holidays with Kids blogger Jodie visits the Tyrannosaurus – Meet the Family exhibtion and reports back!

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to walk among the dinosaurs? Or imagined them roaming the streets of your neighbourhood? I know I have! On a recent visit to Museum Victoria’s Scienceworks I came pretty close to experiencing it for real when my family were introduced to the latest exhibit, Tyrannosaurus Meet the Family. And what an incredible family it is!

When I think of Tyrannosaurs, the first creature that comes to mind is the mighty T-Rex, but it turns out tyrannosaurs came in all shapes and sizes! From the tiny to the imposing and enormous, the Tyrannosaur family is diverse and fascinating, especially when the ancient is interspersed with modern multimedia to create an interactive playground full of visual and hands-on experiences set up to delight the whole family.

We were fortunate to get a sneak peak of the exhibition as part of a media preview that day before opening. From the moment we walked in to the dimly lit display area, the sounds of rumbling and roaring fills your ears and the goosebumps start to rise with excitement and anticipation. Some of the visitors were stopped in their tracks, while others were overcome with excitement, unsure which presentation to look at first! For us, the Big Brother was drawn in silent awe straight to a skeleton of one of the larger tyrannosaurs, while the Little Sister ran straight for the multimedia street scape lining the passage walls, one moment quiet and serene, then next alive with dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes. Her squeals of delight could be heard all around.

Highlights include:

• A 5-metre-high and 11-metre-long skeleton of ‘Scotty’ the Tyrannosaurus rex. (HOT TIP: make sure you keep a close eye on his shadow in the background!)

• Reality experiences where you get to interact with members of the tyrannosaur family – the kids absolutely loved these, including the street scape and awesome 3D puzzle board.

• A hip bone discovered at Dinosaur Cove that shows that tyrannosaurs used to roam Victoria – this is the stuff my partner gets a huge kick out of.

• Seven life-sized dinosaur skeletons and a range of fossil specimens which have helped piece together the newly revised tyrannosaurus family tree –

it is hard to truly comprehend and incredibly fascinating that they really did exist.

A fantastic fun experience for the whole family – (I am pretty sure we were the last to leave, we were so caught up in the magic of it all)!

Thanks so much to Museum Victoria and the lovely helpful staff at Scienceworks for the opportunity and the hospitality.

Tyrannosaurus – Meet the Family is a temporary exhibition by the Australian Museum, Sydney.

Open daily from 10am to 4.30pm until 4th October, 2015. You can find all the details at

When not partaking in pretend tea parties with her 2-year old daughter, or learning the finer points of playing Minecraft® with her 5-year old son, Jodie is the voice of Fresh Home Cook - a blog focused on food free from gluten and lactose but full of flavour the whole family will enjoy.

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