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Stevie Jacobs and the Minions

Keeping kids entertained this summer

Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has partnered with everyone’s favourite TODAY weatherman and father of two, Stevie Jacobs, to star alongside the Minions in a new video designed to help parents keep their kids entertained this summer.

The new Minions ‘Summer Entertainment’ video provides parents with some tips to help inspire their kids to experience Australia’s great outdoors this summer, making sure there’s a balance between indoor and outdoor play.

Stevie Jacobs, father to Isabella (4) and Francesca (2) said, “We are on the road a lot and are fortunate enough to take our girls with us. We always see every outing not just as an adventure, but as an opportunity for Isabelle and Frenchy to learn something new.” So what does the travelling father of two suggest families do for a summer holiday to remember? Holidays with Kids finds out.

1. Where is your favourite place to get back to nature in Australia?
The Coffs Coast is really beautiful – I recently visited that region as part of the Minions ‘Summer entertainment’ campaign. Sealy Lookout was a gorgeous place to take the kids for a hike and Jetty Beach is a little hidden treasure as well.

2. What’s a fail-safe activity that keeps your kids entertained on a road-trip?
Definitely eye-spy and sing-a-longs, we can sing for hours and it keeps everyone pretty happy and entertained.

3. In an age of i-devices, what are your tips for getting the kids outdoors and exercising?
The key is just to be enthusiastic. Your energy is the most infectious tool you have! If you’re excited then the kids definitely will be too.

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4. Is there a rainy-day activity that keeps your whole family entertained?
We love watching movies together – we’re all pretty excited for Minions to come out on DVD so we can have a family viewing at home or on our travels.

5. What are your top three must-have items when going on a family outing?
In Australia… Sun cream, water and a hat! You have to be sun safe and temperatures can get pretty high in the peak of summer, so make sure you keep hydrated.

6. What are the best free activities your family likes to take advantage of when the weather warms up?
We love to go to the beach with a bucket and a ball, build sandcastles and throw the ball around.

7. What were your favourite outdoor games as a kid? Do you play them with your little ones today?
I just loved anything outdoors, kicking the footy around the backyard or playing a friendly game of tag. My kids definitely like being active as well and I try to encourage that as much as possible.

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8. What do you think would make the ‘perfect summer day’ for your girls?
Taking a road trip somewhere different, playing some fun games in the car ride and then having a little picnic on the beach while building sandcastles.

9. What’s your family’s holiday style? Are you more likely to pitch a tent or relax poolside at a resort?
Definitely the tent, I’m all about the natural elements and my girls love to be adventurous too.

10. Of all the places you’ve travelled to with TODAY, where would you like to take your kids back to?
Our trip to The Big Banana for the Minions campaign was pretty great. It wasn’t too far from home but it was still far enough to feel like it was a little adventurous, the girls loved visiting the Australian icon as well and let’s face it – you can never have too many giant bananas!

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