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Sunshine Coast’s Strawberry Fields

Family Activities in Palmview

Strawberry Fields is a family owned and operated enterprise that gives locals and tourists the chance to observe a working commercial strawberry farm. The best part is kids can pick berries straight from the patch. There are cows roaming in a nearby paddock and a huge haystack where kids can frolic and eat ice-creams.

If you want a fun day out where the kids can visit a farm and pick their own strawberries, then you can’t look past the Sunshine Coast’s Strawberry Fields.

It’s located at 133 Laxton Road in Palmview, Exit 190 off the Bruce Highway, and is east of the popular tourist attraction Aussie World.

strawberry field

The hardest part will be reminding your little ones not to eat the strawberries until they’ve been paid for, just take note that the price per kilogram isn’t as cheap as you’d expect.

The price fluctuates depending on the current wholesale market pricing, so before you get too carried away check the board for the price. The benefit of picking your own is that it shows kids where the fruit comes from and you can choose the juiciest and reddest ones.

I’ve been told that the sniff test is also a good indicator of ripeness, the smellier the strawberry the better it will taste.

Pack some gumboots or shoes that you don’t mind getting mucky as we went just after it had rained, and while it was muddy puddle heaven for the kids, I wasn’t so impressed that my shoes got soaked.

strawberry field

The Bearded Dragon is a truly Aussie experience with a twist of traditional UK free house ambience, and the casual setting makes it a great place to spend a few hours. You’ll find it on the corner of Tamborine Mountain Road and Beenleigh Beaudesert Road, Tamborine Village.

If you’ve got time stop to chat with the staff, who are watching to ensure you don’t eat any strawberries or walk on plants, you’ll hear some amazing statistics about how many strawberry plants there are and the logistics of the farm.

Kids will love the tractor playground and there’s plenty of shaded picnic tables for you to enjoy the treats from the cafe. It sells homemade ice-creams, pies and sumptuous pancakes as well as a range of strawberry-based delights and merchandise, oh and the coffee is really good too.

You can also bring a picnic blanket and make a day of it.

Entry is free but you can’t pick strawberries year round so visit the website to find out when the season starts. This year (2016) the ‘pick your own’ season at Strawberry Fields in Palmview starts on 27 May with opening hours 8.30am to 4.30pm seven days a week.

When she’s not wrangling her three children, aged 3, 5 and 6, Gold Coaster and professional writer Emily Toxward juggles work, cooking for fussy children and parent helping at school. Escaping to the beach is her idea of paradise and writing about the trials and tribulations of life in an honest and humorous way on her blog .Have A Laugh On Me is her way of staying sane!

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