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Sandusa waterproof towel

5 tips for a perfect day at the beach with kids

1. Stay protected
The Australian sun is a harsh one, and our little totsí skin is far too sensitive for it. Staying shady is obviously the best way to protect little bods, so invest in a beach umbrella or beach tent.

Chances are your kids will want to explore the sand and jump over waves; so when the sea and sand calls, throw on a rashie for extra protection, and make sure any exposed skin is lathered in SPF 50+. Children under six months should remain in the shade at all times.

2. Bring snacks and water, in a cooler bag
Thereís nothing worse than scoring the perfect spot on the beach, then realising youíve forgotten the most important thing: snacks. Avoid the annoyance of scouting for an overpriced kiosk and come prepared with enough snacks to last the entire day. A cooler bag will keep munchies fresh, which means keeping tantrums at bay. Make sure youíve got plenty of water to keep the whole family hydrated and save the kiosk for Golden Gaytimes.

Holidays with kids

3. Bring the essential accessories
Towels, hats, bags, oh my! Make sure youíre prepared and bring the accessories you really need for a happier day. Hats for each family member, towels to keep a barrier between you and the sand and a bag big enough to fit it all in. Donít forget the buckets, spades, beach balls, and inflatable toys Ė all guaranteed entertainment for hours. Watch your kids play from your beach chair or as you stretch out on your Sandusa towel.

Sandusa Waterproof Towel

4. Fight the sand
Sand is sneaky and somehow manages to get everywhere. Sandusa have brought out a waterproof towel, with a nylon backing that keeps the sand exactly where it belongs; on the beach. Sand wonít cling to it, and itís waterproof, so moisture wonít seep through to attract even more sand. As sand doesnít cling, you can drive home knowing that your car is clean and your towel didnít bring half the beach home with you.

holidays with kids

5. Embrace the day
Take advantage of your little oneís schedule and get to the beach early. Not only will you miss the crazy rush to find the perfect spot, the sun isnít as harsh earlier in the day. Be flexible, have your plan for the day, but be prepared to go with the flow. Sometimes you may need to leave earlier than thought, other times you just wonít be able to drag your kids away. Embrace the sun, the moment, the sand and enjoy your beach day with your kids.

port stephens with kids

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