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Top 10 places to visit with your kids

Around the world with kids

Almost everyone who has ever travelled long term with their kids will tell you that it was the best thing they ever did as a family. If you Google round the world trips with kids you'll come across account after account of families telling you about their wonderful memories, life changing experiences and how they've become closer as a family are a result of their travels.

Here is a Listopedia from of the top 10 places around the world to share with you kids:

Blue Mosque. Image by Meryem Topal

Istanbul (Turkey):
This vibrant, colourful city offers a wonderful mix of history, culture, architecture, food and religion. Take your kids to experience places like Aya Sofya and the Blue Mosque. Then introduce them to apple tea in a carpet shop, explore the markets together before feasting on an Adana Kebab and Turkish Delight. The people are amazingly friendly which makes this a really enticing family destination.

Gallipoli (Turkey): Visiting Gallipoli can be a powerful experience for an Aussie, especially on ANZAC Day. Share this with your kids and bring history to life for them as they look back up at the steep cliffs while standing on the beach. The 2015 ANZAC Day memorial service, which is the 100 year anniversary, will be a particularly poignant moment.

Petra (Jordan)
This ancient city, carved into therose coloured rock, is awe inspiring. The entrance of The Treasury, one of the most famous sites in the world, stands 30m wide and 43m high, which might seem fit for a giant and surely capture the imaginations of your children.

Ancient Olympia (Greece)
The start and finish lines of the 120m sprint track still exist in the Stadium of Ancient Olympia, offering a chance to imagine what the Olympics were like in 776BC. Imagine your children wanting to race each other along the track. Held every four years until 393AD, it is remarkable how these ancient ruins tell a story which leads to our modern day Olympic Games.

Left: Petra. Image by Ko.Yo

Paris (France)
Picnic under the Eiffel Tower, sail toy boats in Jardin des Tuileries, and take a Bateau along the Seine. They may demand crepes and croissants for three days straight, but it will be magic sharing Paris with your children.

Stromboli (Italy) A small island off the coast of Sicily, Stromboli is a permanently active volcano. The fit and adventurous can climb Mount Stromboli and get up close and personal with volcanic explosions. If you have young children take them to a more relaxed vantage point for an evening display of volcanic fireworks after dining on the best Margherita pizza in Italy. There is beautiful snorkelling in the crystal clear waters, and the black sand beaches perfect for relaxing.

Above: Italian Volcano Image by Markus Gann

The Great Pyramid of Giza (Egypt)
The last remaining of the 'Seven Ancient Wonders' this pyramid is an inspiring sight for all ages. Built without cranes, or machines for cutting and moving the huge stone blocks, this would make a great history lesson and construction puzzle to solve - better than any Lego set.

Chang Mai (Thailand)
Less chaotic than Bangkok, Chang Mai offers a wonderful introduction to Thai culture,

history and food markets to teach the kids the art of bargaining, beautiful temples to visit and street stalls serving Pad Thai. Take your kids elephant trekking in the jungle and picture them sitting high on these majestic creatures.

Right: Giza image by Danita Delmont

The Amazon (Bolivia)
The wildlife of the Amazon is an absolute highlight for people of all ages and it would be amazing for your kids to see monkeys, an anaconda, capybaras, caimans (a kind of alligator), pink dolphins, or even swim with piranhas.

Machu Picchu (Peru)
Hiking the Inca Trail is best saved until your children are a little older, however a visit to Machu Picchu would be amazing at any age. Perched on a hilltop more than two kilometres above sea level, the ruins and surrounding landscape are breathtaking. As mist swirls around the ruins it feels like you have gone back in time. It is a wonderful place to inspire your children to learn about the Inca civilisation and the joys of exploring.

Above: Machu Picchu Image by Inga Locmele

Rare Emperor Tamarin Monkey  Amazon Jungle Image by Lorna Roberts


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