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The top 10 sandcastles to build this summer

The best parts about summer are long days at the beach, relaxing in the sunshine and diving through the crashing waves. But if we’re being honest, it’s likely you spend most of the day mediating seaweed fights or trying anything and everything to keep the kids entertained. So why not grab a bucket and spade, and get into an activity the whole family can enjoy!

Here are 10 of our favourite sandcastles for the family to build this summer:

1. You just can’t go past the classic sandcastle: turrets, bridge, moat and all. The kids will have an absolute ball designing and building their perfect castle.

2. Minions! Who doesn’t love these little guys! Just imagine how much fun they’d have recreating Kevin and Stuart, or even little Bob.

3. Sea Creatures are only fitting. Imagine stumbling upon one of these at the beach!

4. Why not turn it into a little history lesson and have some fun creating the Ancient Pyramids.


5. Do you want to build a snowman? Maybe Olaf can be a sandman just this once.

6. How about a jet for the budding aviator in the family. The kids will fly through this one.


7. Smash! The Hulk is definitely going to be a winner with comic lovers.

8. This is every little girls dream! Mermaids are such an easy one to create; you could even let the kids pretend and build a tail over their legs!




9. Fin, Noggin, Duude! Crush would be right at home chilling on the beach, though I’m sure he’d love some friends to keep him company!

10. Last but not least - a little treat for the family or even a romantic dinner spot for the adults who by now would love a break!


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