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5 best waterparks around the world

Calling all thrill-seekers! These five water parks are sure to get your pulse racing. If it’s not the ‘Tower of power’ at Siam Park in Spain, or ‘The Pipeline’ at the Waterbom Park in Bali that takes your fancy, why not head to Dubai’s AquaAdventure Park and take on the ‘Tower of Poseidon’.

Whether you plan to take the challenge and test your nerve or just chill out by the pool, these 5 destinations are a must-do on your summer getaway.

1. Siam Park - Tenerife, Spain

Set in its own tropical paradise, Siam Park should be at the top of your to do list while in Spain. Boasting more than 10 different rides, this waterpark is for thrill-seekers and ‘chill-seekers’ alike.

‘The Tower of Power’ is definitely for the thrill-seeker; at a height of 28 metres, the vertical drop is breathtaking. But it’s nothing compared to what lies beneath the water. Riders enter a clear tube and slip through a spectacular shark filled aquarium on the way to safety in the splash pool.

For those patrons who prefer to have a relaxing day, or just need a break from all the adrenalin, ‘The Lazy River’ is the place for you! The long, winding journey along the ‘Mai Thai River’ takes you on a serene trip to the centre of the park. Being surrounded by surging waterfalls and lush vegetation is relaxing enough, nevermind the ride through an aquarium and jacuzzi at the end!

Siam Park

2. Waterbom Park - Kuta, Bali

Located in the heart of Kuta city, the Bali Waterbom Park is just a short walk or taxi ride from most hotels and resorts, but once inside, you couldn’t feel further away from the hustle and bustle of the famous Kuta strip. The waterslides carve through 3.8 hectares of tropical gardens, and offer up a sprinkling of fear, a huge dose of excitement and a whole lot of fun!

‘The Climax’ is definitely one of the most nerve-wracking attractions at the park, considering riders are trapped in a small chamber 16 metres in the air, just waiting for the floor to drop out from under them. 2.5 G-forces of speed take you down a near-vertical dip before going back up and looping around in a backflip.

Another adrenalin inducing slide, ‘The Python’, takes you and three others on a heart stopping journey, twisting and turning through the darkness before your tube goes plunging into the funnel and skidding up the wall. The best bit - you’re all facing each other so you can’t miss everyone’s reactions!

Waterbom Bali

3. Disney's Typhoon Lagoon - Orlando, Florida

The Typhoon Lagoon features attractions the whole family can enjoy, from super-fast waterslides for the adrenalin junkies, to a designated play area just perfect for pre-schoolers and little kids.

Gankplank Falls is technically one of the parks medium intensity rides, so it is definitely one for the whole family to enjoy. Both kids and adults can jump into the tube and rush through rocky caverns, swerve round corners and get drenched by waterfalls on their way down the mountain.

If rapid rivers aren’t your thing, consider ‘Keelhaul Falls’ for a smoother more relaxing, albeit swift, journey down the mountain, or even ‘Castaway Creek’ for a slower pace as you cruise down the river in the raft soaking up that hot Florida sunshine.

 Keelhaul falls

4. Aquaventure Park - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Get the adrenalin pumping at AquaAdventure Park Dubai, where you’ll enjoy rides and slides, swim with Sharks and Stingrays, and get the chance to relax on their private beach or chill out in exclusive cabanas.

‘The Tower of Poseidon’ is a mecca of heart stopping slides which will get your blood pumping. Tackle ‘The Anaconda’ and get catapulted through a dark and twisting tunnel before being spat out into the largest fibreglass tube in the world. Then make your way to the other side of the tower to conquer ‘The Zoomerango’, and experience a thrilling burst of weightlessness as you zoom vertically up the wall only to speed back down the mega drop.


5. Beach Park - Aquiraz, Brazil

Home to the world’s scariest waterslide, Beach Park in Brazil is the go to place for adrenalin junkies, but there’s also plenty of chance to relax if thrills aren’t your thing. There are attractions for all ages with pools, saunas, ecological walks and artificial rapids, and many people spend two full days at the park because there’s just so much to do.

‘The Insano’ is the parks major attraction and it’s not hard to see why! Towering over the park at 141 metres high, the slide is the equivalent of a 14 storey building. Listed in the Guinness Book of Records, the slide sends riders speeding down at an astonishing rate of up to 100km/h. The drop is so steep that while riders travel around 41 metres, the whole ride takes just 4 or 5 seconds!

Insano Insano1

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