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10 Tips For Travelling With Parents

When it comes to holidays, kids know best, so we asked a small boy with big ideas his tips on keeping it cool with parents in tow.

When it comes to travelling with kids, there’s not a lot of advice that hasn’t already been covered at length. But rarely do we ask the kids what they think makes for a successful holiday. So here seven-year old travel blogger Raffles of Boy Eats World turns family travel advice on its head with his tongue-incheek tips for travelling with parents.

1. Cunning plans
Kids need to be involved in planning your holiday so everyone can have a good time. Look at Google with your parents or watch a movie about where you’re going to find out the kind of things you can do. I also like to try the food before we go.

2. Packing it
Parents are so rubbish at packing. They’re so busy worrying about t-shirts and socks and undies that they forget about the important stuff like my ninja costume and swords.

3. Let's roll
Make your parents bring a stroller for any pre-school family members. Yes, they should be able to walk but they never ever do and you’ll end up spending half of your holiday waiting for them to stop having tantrums about being carried everywhere. I’m looking at you, sis!

Boy Eats World
Boy Eats World

4. Suck up
You’ll probably notice that some grown-ups roll their eyes when they realise they’re sitting next to kids on a plane. So we pack lollipops with notes and hand them to the people sitting directly around us to let them know that we’ll do our very best to be quiet and still! People are pretty nice to us after that.

5. Time bandits
When you’re travelling as a family everything seems to take longer so make sure your parents leave extra time to get to places. We don’t do rushing well and need time to drag our feet and chuck the odd tantrum… because that’s just how we roll.

6. Tanty time
Behaving well at the airport isn’t always advised. If you are going to have a tantrum, save it for the longest queue because sometimes the people at the airport let you jump to the front of the line so you don’t send everyone else crazy. My little sister is an expert at making this work!

Boy Eats WorldBoy Eats World

9. Parents club
Some hotels have Parents Clubs. Sure they call them “kids clubs” but we’re not silly, we know parents only send us there so they can get up to mischief. They can be epic fun but make sure your mum and dad check that the one in your hotel has enough activities for kids your age.

10. Lost in transit
In each new place, don’t forget to have a family plan in case someone gets lost. Our rule is to stay put so mum and dad can find their way back to us, or to ask the nearest shopkeeper for assistance. And we always have mama’s number and our hotel written on our arm. But the best thing to do is to pay attention and make sure your parents don’t get themselves lost in the first place because they’re too busy posting to Facebook to watch where they’re going. Now I’m looking at you, mama!

Boy Eats World

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Boy Eats World

When she’s not treading on Lego and being forced to watch Frozen on loop, Aleney de Winter is a travel, food and parenting writer. She shares tales of travelling and eating along with the hilarious antics of her globetrotting six-year old foodie son and daredevil three-year old daughter on her blog, Boy Eats World

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