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A haven of fun for kids at Wet Ďní Wild Junior

As Gold Coasters we are spoiled for choice when it comes to theme parks but when youíve got young kids you canít go past Wet Ďní Wild.

My daughter chose this park over all others as the place she wanted to spend her seventh birthday. Itís been a few years since weíve been and I was incredibly impressed at the revamped childrenís area - Wet Ďní Wild Junior.

It has eight brightly coloured and patrolled slides for kids of all ages, lots of open space and a multi-level interactive play structure with a giant tipping bucket. Of course what really won my daughter over were the two miniature versions of the larger thrill slides, the Tornado and the Aqua Races. Why? Because you get to ride on tubes and you know itís all about tubes when youíre a kid.

After a float around the river rapids we headed to the adrenalin zone where my adventurous birthday girl chose to be flung down the Tornado with me screaming in her ear because I was hurtling backwards down the chute! This isnít one Iíd suggest for younger kids unless they have no fear!

We then had a fast trip down the Sidewinder, on a tube of course, before filling our bellies with obligatory hot chips and cold drinks and heading up to the Mammoth Falls River Ride. This is one kids of all ages will love because itís slower and their whole body sits in the tube so it feels safer.

Itís worth paying $10 for a locker because it means you can chuck sunblock, towels and valuables in there and you donít need to worry about losing anything. Youíll need all your wits to keep an eye on your ridiculously excited kids!

Emily Toxward - Have A Laugh On Me
When sheís not wrangling her three children, aged 3, 5 and 7, Gold Coaster and professional writer Emily Toxward juggles work, cooking for fussy children and parent helping at school. Escaping to the beach is her idea of paradise and writing about the trials and tribulations of life in an honest and often humorous way is her way of staying sane!

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