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thailand with kids

5 Reasons To Take Kids To Thailand

Is Thailand a suitable holiday destination for young kids, or is it a place for backpackers and partiers?

Turns out that there is more than enough for families to enjoy in this gorgeous country to make it the perfect spot for your next vacay.

1. Natural Beauty

Thailand is a stunning country, from the jungles in the north to the white sand beaches and emerald sea in the south. Thereís plenty of nature to explore together, from paddling on the beaches of Phuket to cruising down river in the jungles of Chiang Mai. Our personal fave was sea kayaking through the spectacular Phang Nga Bay.

thailand with kids

2. Cultural immersion

We temple hopped our way through Chiang Mai, rode a tuk-tuk and sampled local cuisine. Our daughter was befriended by kind monks, held their pet chicken, and learned about spirituality and Buddha. World learning at its best.

Thailand with kids

3. More Baht for your buck

1 AUD will get you about 30 THB. To put that in context, a dish at a local restaurant will set you back about 50-60 THB - yes, thatís right, roughly $2 AUD. The strong Aussie dollar makes Thailand a super affordable holiday destination.

thailand with kids

4. Animals up close

We visited the Elephant Nature Park to meet majestic pachyderms the right way - in an environment where they are living peacefully free of exploitation.

While itís actually easy to find elephants around Thailand, the majority live an unpleasant life in the tourist trade, which doesnít make for a great lesson to teach our kids. When researched well, however, there are several establishments like the one we visited where travellers can meet animals in a way that teaches our children the right way to care for animals.

thailand with kids

5. The people

The Thai people have a reputation for being friendly and kind to children - both of which we found to be true. We experienced such incredible kindness, to all of us, but particularly towards our child, it made travelling through the country so easy and pleasant for us all.

thailand with kids

When to visit Thailand

We visited Phuket at the end of monsoon season (early October), and did experience quite a lot of rain. We were still able to get out every day however, and during the rainy season you’ll get lower prices on hotels and fewer people at tourist destinations.

Where to go

We enjoyed the beachside resorts of Phuket as well as the old city of Chiang Mai. The Elephant Nature Park that we visited is an hour outside of Chiang Mai.

What to pack

Mosquito repellant
Scarf to cover shoulders if visiting temples
Loose, light layers
Hat, swimmers, sunglasses, goggles
Comfortable walking shoes

What to wear

While at resorts, anything goes, when you're out and about, dress a bit more conservatively. Shorts and tanks tops are mostly fine, but if you’re visiting a temple, wear pants or a skirt that covers your knees. Some temples will also require shoulders being covered.

Christine Knight writes about navigating the world and parenthood on her site, Adventure, Baby!. You can find her sampling gelato and cake around the world with her preschooler, or building sandcastles at the beach in her home town of Sydney.

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