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WILD Flight

Wild Life Zoo Sydney

T his morning my children, aged eight and 10, and I were part of the first group to experience the new WILD Flight attraction at Wild Life Sydney Zoo.

What makes this attraction so incredible?

  1. It lends you a bird’s-eye view over the kangaroo’s enclosure beneath you, whilst you are safely harnessed in a comfortable seat 12 metres about the ground.

  2. You are literally among the trees and birds as you look out at the amazing views of Darling Harbour.

  3. It is an activity we could enjoy as a family. (Children seven and up are able to go on the WILD Flight but those under 12 need to be accompanied by an adult.) The kid-friendly, interactive flight allowed Mikayla and I to pull on the ropes as we propelled ourselves along the ride, coming eye level with budgies and lorikeets as they flew past us.

Not only was it in incredibly fun, but the staff were knowledgeable, friendly and understood parents apprehensions about safety, giving us peace of mind with an eight point safety check.

Steve Hinks, General Manager at Wild Life Sydney Zoo, said he wanted “to bring people into the animal’s environment and give them the ability to see the world from the animal’s perspective.”

Steve thinks we should all take the time to be among the treetops watching the birds fly and, as a parent himself, he understands that kids want to be involved too.

After going on the WILD Flight, we had a fabulous morning including breakfast with the koalas. The breakfasts are held on the first Saturday of every month, and bookings are essential.

The supply of food was endless including the usual suspects of bacon and eggs along with sausages (all cooked in front of us by the smiling chef), fruit, pastries, muffins, coffees and hot chocolate.

While there we also become friends with another family from the blog, our kids became instant friends and have already asked to have a play date!

Luckily for us two past contestants from ‘Big Brother’ (Tim and Jade) were there.

They were both so lovely and friendly, happily posing for photos with my daughter. My son was lucky enough to go on WILD Flight with Tim!

During breakfast the keepers brought out a quokka for everyone to pat and afterwards an olive python for those who were brave. After having our photos taken with the koalas we were able to walk around and see the rest of the exhibits. Watching the echidna being fed and having a butterfly land on my daughter’s nose were just two of the many highlights of the day.

I asked the kids if they would go on WILD Flight again and they both said yes (and added they want to go again tomorrow or next week). When asked to rate WILD Flight out of 10, they both gave it a 10! It was definitely an enjoyable morning for the whole family.

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