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Fiver for a farmer

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Young Achievers: Jack Berne

Founder of the Fiver for a Farmer campaign

10-year-old Jack Berne, founder of the Fiver for a Farmer campaign, is proof that even kids can make a massive difference to the world. Holidays with Kids caught up with the year four student about how his goal of raising $20,000 for drought-stricken farmers raised more than $1 million in a month.

What inspired you to start A Fiver for a Farmer?

I watched a video at school and it made me upset to see kids my age having to help their mum and dad on the farm instead of going to school. I couldnít believe it was happening.

How did you kick off your campaign?

I came home and told my Mum my idea and said we had to help. So, we started to brainstorm some ideas. I started to write an email and asked my mum to send it out. I found some email addresses of some people in the media.

How did it feel when you raised more than $1 million in a little over a month?

It felt really exciting. Our first goal was only $20,000. I couldnít believe it had happened. But I think I just gave everyone a really easy way to help our mates on the farms. Itís really hard for them.

You got to meet and discuss the drought crisis with the Prime Minister.

It was really, really amazing cause thatís a once in a lifetime experience. Not many people can say the Prime Minister called them on FaceTime. But I did. I got to talk to him about how they were going to help the drought affected farmers and I got to tell him the stories I had heard directly from the farmers. Mr Turnbull was awesome.

Jack Berne

© Kent Wang

Sadly, the drought crisis isnít over. What do you have planned next to help our farmers?

I think itís just to get the resources out to them as quick as we can and to keep spreading the message. My mum says to just keep using my small but mighty voice. People are really listening. I still canít believe it to be honest.

How do you fit all your fundraising efforts around school?

Most of the interviews are before and after school. But most of all I have had so many people help. Mum and her friends have called themselves the Drought Awareness Warriors. They are the ones replying to emails and answering the calls. Itís been really busy!

Have you been to see the effects of the drought first hand or meet any of the farmers youíre helping?

Yes, I have been to see some farmers and farms. When this all started I hadnít really been on a farm, so Sunrise took me to a really cool farm in Molong. I got to meet the Munro family. I have had some farmers call me and say thank you for everything Iím doing. But really, Iím the one thatís happy to talk to them.

What do you say to other kids who think theyíre too young to make a difference?

I say that age is just a number and if you put your mind to it you can do anything. If anyone judges you, itís best to ignore them.

How and where can our readers go to contribute to the cause?

I have a website A Fiver For a Farmer and we are also on Facebook and Instagram and always update it with cool stuff.

Jack Berne

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