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Capital: Denpasar Population: 4.225 million (2014) Religion: 90% Hindu, 5% Muslim, 5% Buddhism Official Language(s): Bahasa Indonesia, English Time zone: 2hrs behind EST. (GMT+8) Landmass: 5,780 km², Bali is one Island of Indonesia Currency: Indonesian Rupiah Emergency Number: 112

Bali with kids

Golden Beaches and Smiling Locals.

Bali, one of over 18,000 islands that make up Indonesia, is in Southeast Asia. It is also one of the most popular places for Australian families to travel to with children of all ages.

Other than an even greater determination on the part of the Balinese to welcome and protect their visitors, Bali has not changed. Smiles are still prevalent in this paradise, which is famous for its friendly people, colourful culture and beautiful beaches. It's one of the friendliest destinations for families and there's probably no easier place to have a relaxing holiday with young ones.

The Balinese love kids and many hotels and resorts cater especially for children. There are free kids' club activity programs, large family rooms with toys, discounted interconnecting rooms and free or discounted children's meals. Babysitters are readily available and are excellent value, costing just a few dollars an hour.

If you are looking for the best places to stay in Bali, we have put together a list of where to stay in Bali with kids here.



Food & drink that the kids will love!
A highlight of any holiday with kids in Bali is dining out. Whether you go for sumptuous 5-star restaurants or are drawn in by the sweet, smoky smells of spicy meats being barbecued at a street stall.

The typical food in hotels and resorts is Indonesian- and Chinese-style food, like the perennial favourites of satay chicken and nasi goreng (Indonesian-style fried rice).

You may have to inspect the menus of several restaurants before you find some genuine Balinese cuisine. National specialties include: Babi Guling - roast suckling pig and Bebek Betutu- duck smoked in an earthen oven and wrapped in banana leaves. Most meals are accompanied by a host of colourful tropical fruits like banana, mango, rambutan, lychee, mangosteen, jack fruit and durian - it's a great way of introducing the kids to new food with all the colours.

If your kids are the daring typing and prefer to stick to the food they know, Bali is great as International cuisine is easily found, with an assortment of fast food outlets, takeaways and Western-style eateries available.

Bali is a treasure trove of interesting souvenirs, beautiful gifts and terrific bargains. Open-air markets, open day and night, offer the best opportunities to shop for crafts and antiques, clothing and home wares at amazingly low prices.

Some of the biggest and best markets can be found in Denpasar and Sanur, but shops and stalls can be found all over the island, especially near the main tourist hangouts. Unique souvenirs include handcrafted items like woodcarvings, stone carvings and iron and bronze works and Indonesian batik. You can get great bargains on fabrics, furniture, clothing and jewellery. Supermarkets, speciality stores and shopping centres are usually open 7 days a week between 9am and 9pm, with shorter hours on Sundays.

Note: Bargaining is a skill worth learning and practising if you plan to do any shopping in Bali, and kids can try their hand and it too. Friendly bargaining is expected at market stalls and makes the shopping experience fun for both the buyer and the seller. When you want to negotiate a price with a seller, have the absolute maximum you're willing to pay in your mind then ask the seller what the lowest price he's willing to offer is. Offer considerably less than this (between about two-thirds and half the price is OK!) then keep haggling until you reach a happy medium.

When is the best time of year to go to Bali?
With its warm, tropical climate, Bali can be enjoyed any time of year but the best time to hit the beaches is during the dry season, from April to October. The rest of the year is more humid, with more overcast days and a higher chance of rainstorms.

Tipping is not widespread in Indonesia. Most hotels and restaurants add a 10% service fee to the bill so don't feel obliged to tip. With taxis, it is usual to give the driver around 10% of the fare.

220 volts, 50 hertz AC using round, twin-prong slim plugs.

Health Precautions
Have plenty of water on hand to avoid dehydration. We do not recommend drinking the tap water in Bali. See your doctor at least six weeks before your trip to check which shots you should have, and whether you need to take precautions against malaria.

Passport and Visa Requirements
Australians receive a free visa on entry. Click here for a list of all countries visa requirements in Bali.

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